Friday, December 21, 2007

Holiday Dinner Parties

Hello Everyone,

So glad you could stop by today. I have been hustling and bustling all week in preparation for Christmas. I know we're all on the same page here. Of course, I've had to squeeze in my workouts, too. I love that half an hour of solitude each day where I can focus on me and my personal health. Makes me feel like a million bucks!! You too??

I had a close friend of mine over for dinner last night with her children. I made a delicious sea bass entree with roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes (left out the butter). Everyone enjoyed it and I felt great about putting a clean meal on the table. You can do it, too. Check out the cookbook for a plethora of clean recipes for your holiday dinner parties. There are even "cleaner" desserts in there.

We got into a heated discussion after dinner about the North American mindset on food. It's interesting to hear the opinions of others. We in the Eat-Clean world are the lucky few who are really getting an education on eating well. Have you had experiences like this? People always seem interested in learning about eating clean. Let's keep spreading the word.

I am so glad you can join me on this journey to optimal health. Enjoy it and do all you can to keep you and your family healthy over the holiday season.


Yvonne Barber said...


My christmas gift to myself has just arrived ... your new book!!! I am so excited ... I can't believe I am writing you before I sit down to read it. Anyway, great timing as my aerobics class at church is suspended for three weeks ... this will up the antee at home - a welcome addition to my weight and running routine!!

Thanks so much and have a wonderful Christmas with your family!!

Yvonne, Oakville

Anonymous said...

I'm making a vegan dinner for my friends tomorrow evening. I'm hoping to knock their socks off. I'm going to make your mashed sweet potatoes and apple and rice stuffing as side dishes to a chickpea tart. I hope my friends will go home feeling satisfied and know that their nutritional requirements were met at the same time while enjoying a good meal.


littleblackninja said...

Speaking of "cleaner" desserts, I am in the process of cleaning up a German chocolate cake recipe. I would feel dirty if I used the refined cake flour , the white sugar, and the whole buttermilk. Let's see what happens when I sub that stuff with whole wheat flour, Splenda for baking, original Splenda, or sucanat, and reduced fat buttermilk.

PhenomenalWoman said...

I just found out about the book when I purchased the OXYGEN Magazine on December 28. I am real excited and plan on purchasing the book. I had the gastric bypass surgery and I have lost 124 lbs and need to lose 50 more lbs. I am stuck but I workout all the time. I trying to get my eating down to a science, so I am hoping and anticipating that your new book will help me succeed in this endeavor. I would like to have lost the 50 lbs by June so today is the first day of 2008. Wish me luck.

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