Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween Texas-Style

Happy Halloween!!

I'll be celebrating today by hopping on a plane to Texas. I can't wait to see what the airport will hold in terms of costumes, if any. I personally won't be dressing up.

I'm off to Texas for a week of events to promote New York Time's Bestseller Your Best Body Now.

Here's what on tap for Sunday, October 31st: I'll be a guest on the Healthy U Show on 107.3 Jake FM in Texas discussing the Journey to Health Campaign at 8pm CDT. You can listen live here!

Here's what's on tap for Monday, November 1st:

1. Listen live at 7am CDT on DayBreak USA on the USA Radio Network.

2. Watch me on Good Day Dallas on KDFW TV at 9am CDT.

3. Watch me on CBS 11 News at 4pm CDT. You can listen live here.

4. Join me at Gold's Gym in Plano, TX (4817 W Park Blvd) from 5-7pm CDT for a nutrition seminar and book signing.

And that's JUST Monday. We've got lots going on all week in Texas. Check out my events schedule for more.

Can't wait to meet you!

Keep the Halloween candy to a minimum.

Your Sister in Iron,
Tosca Reno

Friday, October 29, 2010

Indigo Mississauga

Join me Saturday, October 30th at 2pm for the opening of Indigo at Erin Mills in Mississauga. I'll be signing New York Time's Bestseller Your Best Body Now at 2pm!! See you there!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hello Buffalo, NY!

I have a BUSY day ahead of me THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28 in Buffalo, NY as I continue promotions for New York Times Bestseller Your Best Body Now. Join me as I TV, radio and book-sign it up! Can't wait to meet you!

1. Catch me on Channel 2 News DAYBREAK at 8am EDT.

2. Hear me on Kiss 98.5 with Nick & Janet at 9am EDT. Click here to access their LISTEN ONLINE link if you don't live in the Buffalo area.

3. Watch me on AM Buffalo between 10am and 11am EDT.

4. Join me at 2 different Wegman's locations tomorrow for book signings:
a) Wegman's 3740 McKinley Pkway Buffalo, NY from 1pm-3pm EDT
b) Wegman's 4960 Tranist Road Depew, NY from 4pm-6pm EDT

Learn more about this event and my other upcoming events here!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Read & Listen Here!

My Chat with Women radio interview went well this morning. If you weren't able to catch you, you can download the podcast here.

Also, I have been featured in New York Daily News article "Sitting In A Chair All Day Can Kill You".

Check these links out. Lots to learn!


Listen Live Today!

I'll be on Chat with Women based out of Seattle, Washington today from 8am-9am PST to discuss New York Times Bestseller Your Best Body Now... and more!

Grab your black coffee and your oatmeal and listen live here regardless of what coast or country you are in.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Oxygen's Cover Girl

So excited to be on the cover of Oxygen Magazine for November.

This is quite the honor! I'm so happy about that cover mostly because of my age (ripe 51) and that the shoot took place one day after my first triathlon so I was feeling good about my fitness level at that point. There are many ways to be fit and my adventures into triathlons and half marathons show just a few options. What do you do to stay fit?

Read more about my cover here.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Work Life Balance

This is one of the hardest things to do. I find myself working, working, working without a lot of time to play. I'm suffering the results of poor balance now as I battle a nasty cold. Sigh!

So how can you balance your new Best Body Lifestyle with Eating Clean, working, raising a family, and staying on top of a busy social schedule? Here are a couple of things to try:

1. Ask your friends and family for support. We're all human and we all need a helping hand here and there. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Tell your family and friends about your lifestyle change so they know how to support you.

2. Plan active social gatherings. It's lovely to meet good friends for dinner and a glass of wine, but it could lead to overindulging. Why not try asking your friends to meet you at the gym for a class or out for a walk or bike ride. You can exercise and socialize at the same time!

3. Always stay in the moment. Commit yourself fully to your workout times, but make sure you do the same for your partner, family and friends.

Most importantly, listen to your body. It will tell you what you need.

Get more tips like these in Your Best Body Now.

Last Chance to Cook Clean With Me

Tomorrow I will be hosting a cooking seminar as part of UFE Halloween Mayhem weekend in Hamilton, Ontario from 2pm-5pm.

Here's what we will be creating and enjoying:
1. Pomegranate Fizz
2. Mediterranean Spread
3. Vegan Pumpkin Soup
4. Moroccan Chicken & Lentils along with Broccoli Rabe
5. Sesame Nut Balls

If you'd like to join in the fun please order tickets TODAY by clicking here.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

West Coast Moments

I had a great time hitting up the West Coast the last few days to promote Your Best Body Now. I'm pretty tired from jetting around so much, but had a lot of great experiences! Here are a couple of moments from the week...

KCAL News (click the link)!

San Diego Living

Enjoy! And P.S. Your Best Body Now has made it onto the New York Times Bestseller list yet again! Thank you thank you thank you... you're ALL amazing!

Your Sister in Iron,
Tosca Reno

Gemini Nomination

In Canada we have an awards show called the Geminis, which are the annual television and broadcasting awards. It's like the Canadian version of the Emmys.

I completely thrilled to announce that Tosca: Flexing at 49 has been nominated in the Best General/Human Interest category. So exciting.

Get more info here!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

West Coast Tour

I've landed in California! I'll be doing a bunch of press while I'm here to promote New York Times Bestseller Your Best Body Now!

Catch me this morning on...

San Diego Living at 9am PST

Then, catch me this afternoon on...

KCAL News at 2pm PST

For more info on other stops along the way check out my events schedule here.

I love Cali!

Your Sister in Iron,
Tosca Reno

Monday, October 18, 2010

Big Weekend: NYT Bestseller & 1/2 Marathon!

Wow! What a huge weekend it was. Here's why:

Thanks to your support Your Best Body Now has made it onto the prestigious New York Times Bestseller list in a very short period of time. This is an absolute honor that I am thrilled to share with all of you who made it possible. Here's to inspiring men and women everywhere to live clean lives.

After getting that great news I strapped on my running shoes and competed with the Eat-Clean Diet Team for Team Diabetes in the Goodlife Fitness Toronto 1/2 Marathon. What an experience! I managed to finish in the race in 1:56: 51 & came in 21 out of 192 in my age group. I was so happy to come in under 2 hours!

We had an amazing team yesterday complete with coworkers from Robert Kennedy Publishing and fans of the Eat-Clean Diet. We all rocked the race although it was a struggle!

Thank you to everyone for your support! We did it!

Your Sister in Iron,
Tosca Reno

Eat-Clean Diet Team for Team Diabetes pre-race pump up!

Keeping warm after the race with my daughter Kiersten who finished in an amazing 1:48!

The team (including our awesome 5k participants) after the race with my friends Leslie and Franca who came out to support us! Thanks to everyone else who came to support, too!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jenny Hendershott's Phat Camp

Tomorrow (Friday, October 15th) I will be participating in Jenny Hendershott's Phat Camp at Xtreme Couture gym in Toronto. Get more details here. I hope to see you there!

Better TV & NYC

Last week I was on a whirlwind press tour in NYC to promote Your Best Body Now. We hit lots of stops along the way and had an excellent time. Here are some amazing moments to share:

At Better TV with host Audra Lowe:

Check out this video to watch the segment! What do you think?

At Good Morning America with Harlequin publicist, Shara, GMA's amazing Health host Tanya Rivero, and my publicist, Silvie Bordeaux:

You can check out the video from that segment here.

At the studio for my 24 morning news blitz with food stylist extraordinaire, Danni, Shara, Silvie, Harlequin's powerhouse editor, Sarah Pelz and Magno producer Monica. Couldn't have done this day without you ladies:

Check out one of the segments here.

Finally, here I am having a bit of fun at Sirius Satellite Radio where I was on the Martha Stewart Radio's Morning Living show:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Visiting Oshawa, Ontario

I'll be making my way to Oshawa this week for two signings of Your Best Body Now. Join me!

Walmart Supercenter - 1471 Harmony Road

Walmart - 680 Laval Road

Click here for more info and hope to see you there!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Moments

We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend. Here are some funny moments during the weekend:

Attempting to rotisserie 2 giant turkeys on the BBQ. This mission was an epic fail for me! I wound up cooking the turkeys in the oven. It wasn't my finest cooking day, but we all make mistakes and it turned out just fine in the end... just a few hours later than I would have liked.

Davidson and Maggie kept themselves busy on Thanksgiving Day by burrowing a giant hole into the lawn. If they weren't so cute with giant burs on their noses they would have been in big trouble!

Kelsey-Lynn has made 2 new friends in her attempts to put away leftover turkey. I've never seen Davidson and Maggie sit that still!

Goodlife Toronto 1/2 Marathon Countdown Begins!

We are less than 1 week away from the Goodlife Toronto 1/2 Marathon.

The Eat-Clean Diet Team will be running support of Team Diabetes. We are SOOOOO excited to get this event underway. It's been a long time coming! We've been logging hours on the road prepping for the event and you've supported us by contributing funds or by lacing up your joggers and joining us.

What changes have you noticed since you started your training?

I wanted to share with you that I have noticed some things about myself as a result of increased cardiovascular training in preparation for the half marathon.

Whereas I used to say that a final meal before going to bed was optional and perhaps not even necessary I can't say that anymore as I am constantly hungry at this point. As a result of the longer runs and thus hyped metabolism and increased fuel burning if I go to bed on an empty stomach I can count on being awakened by a fiercely growling stomach. I have now become a Night Raider. I have to get up and eat a banana and some yogurt or there is no going back to sleep. So I must eat before bed and it is usually something like a small bowl of oats, yogurt or kefir and a banana.

Other cool things I have implemented since embarking on a running career:

1. I eat goji berries every day because of their supreme nutritional content but also because they can hydrate cells at a microscopic level more effectively than water alone.

2. I also eat chia seeds every day, about 2 tablespoons, for their nutritional support particularly when it comes to endurance sport. I think running 21 kilometers qualifies!

3. Of course I am also carb loading every day this week in preparation for the big day.

See you on the trails!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Canada

Hello Canadian readers,
I want to wish you, your family and friends a fabulous Thanksgiving Monday. We all have so much to be thankful for, including our health and happiness. I hope you were all able to celebrate with those you love. If you're scrambling for a last minute recipe for dinner tonight try Lemon & Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes. Yummy!
Keep well,

Friday, October 8, 2010

Tosca's NYC Clean & Cool Restaurant Guide

There is nothing I like more than checking out new restaurants while I am in NYC. I am just back from another stint of promotions for Your Best Body Now in the city that never sleeps. While I was there I got to enjoy some yummy meals. Here are a few of my favorites. Please feel free to share yours as I am always looking for new places to visit.

1. PASTIS: One of our favorite resto’s in NYC for breakfast, lunch and dinner is, of course, Pastis located in the Meatpacking District across from the Hotel Gansevoort. You can order an egg white omelet and it is beautiful, fluffy and delish. The oatmeal is over the top yummy with all sorts of fresh berries and dried fruits too. Order a frothy capuccino for breakfast, too. Siggghhhh! Dreaming of it now. For dinner the green beans are the best as is virtually any entrĂ©e. You can ask them to leave the butter off the veg and get your proteins sans goop! The place is lively and full of city energy.

2. FIG & OLIVE: Fig and Olive is a family and team favorite just around the corner from Pastis. They do a roast chicken that is memorable. Their sides are fabulous and again available without sauce and butter. The olives and olive oil are a mainstay and the restaurant goes to a lot of trouble to source the best quality of both. I especially love the candle fixtures on their walls. My girls like their collection of unique cocktails, too... but in moderation!

3. CIPRIANI DOWNTOWN: Another family favorite is Cipriani Downtown on West Broadway. We eat there nearly every time we go to New York especially if the weather is favorable and the front windows are open. They do an avocado + greens salad that is nearly spiritual to eat. They are the one place where I have to relent on bread as their bread basket is full of offerings that don’t hurt my stomach. Their green linguine with pesto and a side of grilled salmon is divine. And they have the best espresso in the city. I was schooled by the owner there that a good espresso must be of the exact temperature and intensity that you should be able to shoot it. By the way they do a neat appetizer that is simply a bowl filled with ridiculously good olives and big hunks of ancient Parmesan cheese. Lovely!

4. SMITH & WOLLENSKY: For a business-type dinner I enjoy Smith and Wollensky mostly because you can get in, order and get out in decent time but still feel like you have had a proper dining experience. All menu items are fab but the spinach is my favorite. Really good! A note of caution, the meat servings are ENORMOUS. You definitely have to share or stop yourself from gorging. Nice wine and waiters too.

5. BOBO: And for a really cute and cozy adventure head to BoBo. I couldn’t get over how intimate this place was. We went there for dinner with our daughters and we had to go downstairs below street level to get into the restaurant. It was tiny on the inside but full of warm energy and quaint, funky details including the smallest powder room I have ever seen. The tables are mismatched and weatherbeaten but the food and service are polished and wonderful. The photo of me and my girls to the left was taken at BoBo last spring.

6. HOTEL GIRAFFE: This isn't really a restaurant suggestion, but Bob and I like to stay at the Hotel Giraffe because they have a fantastic little wine and cheese, fruit and veg help yourself deal set up from about 4 until 6 pm. So you can go and sit in the lobby after a busy day and have a wind down with a little coffee or wine and some nibbles. They also offer a fabulous continental breaky in the morning complete with coffee, tea, boiled eggs (hurray), fruit salad (hurray hurray), yogurt and granola, etc. What a treat!

Well, now my mouth is watering and I hope yours is, too. What do you recommend?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Check It Out!

Here's a vid from yesterday's Your Best Body Now TV blitz that covered the country from California to New York and many states in between.

And here are two links to the latest spots in the Toronto Star...

Tosca Reno's 30-Minute Workout Schedule

9 Easy Steps for Starting a Fitness Program

Heading home from NYC today. It's been a blast, but time to prepare for a little R&R with the family over Canadian Thanksgiving. I'm totally behind this year what with the book promotion falling at this time, but we'll make it special.

What are you Thanksgiving plans Canada?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Your Best Body Now eHarlequin Challenge

My Friends,

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and shouted out with glee because you were thrilled with what you saw?

If you are like so many women, it may feel like a very long time ago. Instead, too many of us are familiar with that dreaded “mirror moment”—you know the one. When you look in the mirror and don’t even recognize the person looking back at you. Thousands of you have written to me wondering how to take back your lives, and I know just how you feel. I didn’t win the hot body lottery. I, too, have felt this way and wondered what to do.

That is why I wrote Your Best Body Now. It took me years to figure out all the tools you need to trim unwanted pounds, erase wrinkles and bumps, navigate hormonal waves, eat better and even get rid of that horrible excess fat on the back of my arms. Yikes! Now that I’ve got it down, I thought you might want to know what works for me. Consider Your Best Body Now your lifeline—a book written by someone who knows, someone who has been there and tried it all and found the answers.

What if I told you that cutting out sugar would make you look ten years younger—wouldn't you do it? Or that eating turmeric switches on the function and efficacy of 2500 genes in your body--wouldn't you add it to your weekly meals? And most importantly, if you knew that Eating Clean would transform your body from the inside out, wouldn't you want to do that too?

Your Best Body Now is a girlfriend-to-girlfriend guide. It is your best friend when you need one most. It will give you the courage and the tools you need to take back your life, so the next time you look in the mirror you will be shouting with glee because you will see Your Best Body in the reflection! Hurrah!

How to Join the Your Best Body Now Challenge:

Interested in creating Your Best Body? I’m inviting Community members and all of my fans to join me in a ONE-MONTH Your Best Body Now Challenge using exercises, recipes and tips from the book.

I’ll check in once each week during the month of October to inspire, encourage and provide the motivation you need during the Your Best Body Now Challenge. Plus, I have 5 Your Best Body Now water bottles, a coupon code for 30% off the book AND 5 FREE copies of Your Best Body Now to give out random to participants who sign up by October 8th. The participant who sees the best results at the end of the month will win a gift pack including workout gear and a signed book from yours truly!

Are you going to join us so you can face the holidays looking fit and fabulous in Your Best Body Now? If so, send Jayne Hoogenberk (Manager of the Community and Social Media) an email (at with Your Best Body Now in the subject line to sign up!

Keep it tight,


PS: You will have to register at to participate with this challenge and access the Your Best Body Now blog to journal your progress.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Top 6 Celebs That Don't Let Age Affect Their Best Body

We are so lucky in this day in age to have so many female powerhouses to admire who aren't letting their age hold them back.

I have long been a fan of Lady Diana and was always inspired by her effort to take care of herself by going to the gym and swimming laps regularly. She achieved a long lean physique that inspired many women to do the same.

A few of my other favorite ladies are:

1. Sharon Stone... her beauty is ethereal and she seems to get sexier every day. You don't get glowing skin (let alone a great body) like that without a healthy diet and regular exercise and she began her renovation at age 30.

2. Julianne Moore... at 49 she rocks the Best Body Now attitude with ageless spirit. With three Oscar nominations under the belt and recent ads where she appears nearly nude, this woman knows how to take on the decades. Eating Clean and taking care of herself are as natural as brushing her teeth.

3. Dara Torres... enough said! This Olympic athlete is incredible through and through. After the birth of her daughter in her forties Torres became a household name by breaking world swimming records at the 2008 Olympics. Her passion for her sport on top of her drive and determination makes her a superstar in my mind.

4. Halle Berry... She's long been known as Hollywood's exotic beauty. Once known as the "sexiest woman alive" Berry exemplifies what a woman can do to shine and rock the decades with fire. A long time proponent of Eating Clean Halle works out, is a mother and manages Her Best Body Now even in the face of diabetes. Truly inspirational!

5. Goldie Hawn... Is there anyone more timeless than Goldie Hawn? At sixty-three and counting this blonde beauty doesn't shy away from her age. Breaking age barriers at age 39 by appearing on a Playboy cover Goldie shows us how to manage aging like no one else! She's glowing and gorgeous due to a healthy diet and exercise routine.

6. Robin Roberts... I also have to add my friend Robin Roberts, anchor at Good Morning America and breast cancer survivor who at 50 something inspires women to be successful by following her own rule of following the rules and breaking them.

Who inspires you?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Indigo & Your Best Body Now

Thank you very much to everyone who attended and made possible the book signing last night at Toronto's Eaton Center in Indigo. We had a great turnout and I met some lovely lovely fans and made some news ones too I hope! Thank you to absolutely everyone who is supporting the launch of Your Best Body Now. What would I ever do without you?!?

I'm in the midst of a radio tour... learn more here if you'd like to listen in.

Here are some pics from last night:

Doing a short Q & A session... got some great questions...

It's not just for ladies... Gentlemen, these two attendants changed their lives by eating clean. They now have their "best bodies". As one man put it "everything is working as it should!"

The cutest clean eating couple!