Friday, October 29, 2010

Indigo Mississauga

Join me Saturday, October 30th at 2pm for the opening of Indigo at Erin Mills in Mississauga. I'll be signing New York Time's Bestseller Your Best Body Now at 2pm!! See you there!


daphne said...

good luck! I guess it's fun. Hope you'll enjoy it =)

Morgane Kerguelen-Calibuso said...

Thank you very much for sharing your time and energy with us!
It was very nice to meet you.

Amanda said...

hi tosca,
any chance of you coming to sydney australia? would love to meet you!

Jaci said...

Hi Tosca!

I'm sure you're SUPER busy this weekend, but I'm wondering if you can help me out! I'm headed to Vegas on Thursday for the NPC Las Vegas Bikini Classic (yay!)

I've been able to do some research on restaurants and will have a fridge in my room so I can bring some food from home, but I'm still struggling a bit. What restaurants have you had the best luck with in getting butcher chicken, fish, etc? I've been to Vegas before, but not during peak week.

If you have time, any pointers on restaurants or markets close to the strip would be such a big help.

Thank you Tosca!!