Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Goodlife Toronto 1/2 Marathon Countdown Begins!

We are less than 1 week away from the Goodlife Toronto 1/2 Marathon.

The Eat-Clean Diet Team will be running support of Team Diabetes. We are SOOOOO excited to get this event underway. It's been a long time coming! We've been logging hours on the road prepping for the event and you've supported us by contributing funds or by lacing up your joggers and joining us.

What changes have you noticed since you started your training?

I wanted to share with you that I have noticed some things about myself as a result of increased cardiovascular training in preparation for the half marathon.

Whereas I used to say that a final meal before going to bed was optional and perhaps not even necessary I can't say that anymore as I am constantly hungry at this point. As a result of the longer runs and thus hyped metabolism and increased fuel burning if I go to bed on an empty stomach I can count on being awakened by a fiercely growling stomach. I have now become a Night Raider. I have to get up and eat a banana and some yogurt or there is no going back to sleep. So I must eat before bed and it is usually something like a small bowl of oats, yogurt or kefir and a banana.

Other cool things I have implemented since embarking on a running career:

1. I eat goji berries every day because of their supreme nutritional content but also because they can hydrate cells at a microscopic level more effectively than water alone.

2. I also eat chia seeds every day, about 2 tablespoons, for their nutritional support particularly when it comes to endurance sport. I think running 21 kilometers qualifies!

3. Of course I am also carb loading every day this week in preparation for the big day.

See you on the trails!


Dawn said...

Here are a few things I've noticed since I started training for this - my first half marathon...

1. Hunger - I'm hungry too, and usually have a bowl of air popped popcorn at night with some olive oil to defeat the 2am hunger. It's delicious!

2. I'm way stronger than I thought. The long distance running is much more mental than physical (although, it definitely is physical too!) You definitely have to believe you can do it.

3. I'm pretty sure I've lost some weight, but I don't really believe in weighing myself, so I can't be sure. My clothes are fitting me much differently than before.

4. I feel amazing! I have so much energy, it's fantastic. All this running is the perfect way to deal with stress. And, I'm sleeping like a baby.

See you Sunday!!!

Lillian said...

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