Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Moments

We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend. Here are some funny moments during the weekend:

Attempting to rotisserie 2 giant turkeys on the BBQ. This mission was an epic fail for me! I wound up cooking the turkeys in the oven. It wasn't my finest cooking day, but we all make mistakes and it turned out just fine in the end... just a few hours later than I would have liked.

Davidson and Maggie kept themselves busy on Thanksgiving Day by burrowing a giant hole into the lawn. If they weren't so cute with giant burs on their noses they would have been in big trouble!

Kelsey-Lynn has made 2 new friends in her attempts to put away leftover turkey. I've never seen Davidson and Maggie sit that still!


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a nice kitchen ;)

Ann said...

Sorry your turkey didn't work out Tosca. We did ours on the BBQ, but we just put it in a big foil roasting pan, with one burner off. Lots of basting, and it was done even quicker than in the oven. Next year you could try it that way!

Shari Kraft said...

Great pic of the dogs. My jake and Maggie are the same way when there is food around! LOL!!

Jingles said...

OMG I have enuff turkey "FAIL" stories to fill a book ;-) Happy belated Thanksgiving dear Tosca.

Kathy:)! said...

Your doggies are sooo cute!!! What kind of dogs are they? Do you ever cook for them?