Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cinema Snacks

I had a fellow Clean Eater write into me asking about the best way to manage her bi-monthly trip to the movie theater with her husband. As a clean eater, she wanted to maintain her healthy diet, but still enjoy a snack. 

The movie theater has become a place to gorge on vats of popcorn, soda pop, candy, nachos and cheese, hot dogs, ice cream, pizza... etc etc. It is a veritable minefield of junk food! The best part being that you are in the dark. No one sees you reaching into the bag for another handful of popcorn and shovel every last piece into your mouth. Have I grossed you out yet? How about the fact that most popcorns from the theater are popped in coconut oil! Why not just have saturated fat served on a platter with your colossal-sized coke?

Here's my advice for a movie theater snack:

1. Make it your cheat meal. Make it as clean as possible. Order an unbuttered kid's-sized popcorn and a bottle of water. This is about 5 cups of popcorn (more than enough) and it has 300 calories and 20 grams of fat (14 g of these saturated from the coconut oil it was popped in), but it is a treat. Avoid diet drinks: chemical sugars are just as bad as their white counterparts.

2. Eat before you go. Plan your meals around the movie theater. You don't have to eat at the theater. In fact, it will save you money by avoiding the cost of popcorn - $10 at times!

3. Break the rules. I do not want to advocate sneaking, but I have heard that some people bring in their own snacks in their handbag. If you're gutsy enough to do this, bring in a baggy of unsalted nuts and an apple. Even your own air-popped popcorn would be a great treat and much better for you.

Monday, January 28, 2008


Hello Everyone:
There has been an excellent response to my workout challenge featured in the March issue of Oxygen with Alicia Marie on the cover. There are a couple of you looking for clarification on the challenge, or wanting to learn what the challenge is all about. Please refer to the Eat-Clean Diet website and scroll down to the Makeover Challenge link. While you're there sign up for my monthly newsletter full of more of my tips and tricks. Enjoy!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Eat Clean Diet Seminars

On Wednesday evening of this week I held a seminar in Alton, Ontario at the beautiful Millcroft Inn. Having only been in this area for about 4 years now I am still learning about the lovely little spots in this neck of the woods. The Millcroft Inn is definitely a hidden gem tucked in behind the trees and set next to Shaw's Creek. 

The ladies of Booklore, an independent book store in Orangeville, Ontario, put together a wonderful evening based around the Eat-Clean Diet series. The room was full of people eager to learn about health and fitness. Apparently there was even a waiting list, as the tickets were sold out. All of the proceeds went to the Orangeville community project "Building Dreams Together". We talked for over an hour in a very informal manner of "q & a". 

This is by far the best part of my job. I love connecting with people and seeing how this plan has made a difference in their lives. I am always researching and learning new things to share the most up-to-date information with you and your family members. I love what I do, and do what I love. 

I hope that through the experience of eating well you can find a person inside of you that has been waiting to get out for years and years. What's hidden behind layers of fat and unhealthy eating and years of burying your self esteem is a person who loves life and lives for every moment. Find that person today!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

More Cooler Clear Up...

The cooler post really heated things up around here and sparked quite a few questions. Please read below for further clarification:

1. Only limit your fruit portions if you are practicing Cooler #1. This is simply because the glycemic index is high in some fruits and can hinder the results you are looking for, especially when preparing for a bodybuilding competition. Stick to fruits, such as apples, which are high in fiber and low on the glycemic index.

2. Have your last meal 2-3 hours before bed time. That way you will not have a heavy meal sitting in your stomach while you are sleeping. Set this rule for yourself to avoid binge eating at night, too.

3. Cooler 2 involves all of Cooler 1's ingredients and the additional items listed in under Cooler 2's heading. Cooler 3 involves all of Cooler 1 and Cooler 2, as well as the additional items listed below Cooler 3's heading. 

Oh... and the occasional glass of wine means, once a week or only at special occasions like birthdays and celebrations (not an everyday celebration... good try!). 

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cooler Clear Up

I have received a number of questions regarding the cooler plans in the Eat-Clean Diet book on page 88. It sounds like the cooler plans are causing some confusion. Let's see if I can rectify this:

Cooler 1: This is intended for people who would like to see rapid results. I recommend this if you are preparing for a competition and have already attempted clean eating. It is an intense plan involving few fruits (high sugar content even though it's natural) and very little lenience. I use this when I am preparing for competitions, photo shoots and media appearances and do so for no longer than a month. 

Cooler 2: This cooler can be used all year round. Fruit, bread, dairy products, and the occasional glass of wine have been added in limited amounts. This does not include eating unhealthy sugars and fats. 

Cooler 3: This is the slow start. If you're having trouble beginning the lifestyle plan because of food addictions, obesity, skepticism etc. start here. Then progress to cooler 2. 

Note: In cooler 1 I mention 5 protein servings simply because some people find they eat only 5 times a day. If you need a snack before bed (2 - 3 hours before bed) then have another serving of lean protein along with a light complex carb.

Bottom Line: Cooler 2 is your best bet for year-round Clean Eating. 

Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Monday Monday

With a fresh pile of snow on the lawn after last nights flurries I started my Monday with a great outlook for the week. A fresh cup of coffee, my laptop fired up and ready to go, and a quiet calm throughout the house. This is the time when I get the most work done...

I had a great, but busy weekend. On Friday evening I attended a cocktail party with my husband. The party was hosted by the parents of a friend of my stepdaughter. Phew.... say that 10 times fast. Sometimes living up here in the seclusion of the country makes you forget that other people exist. It was nice to be reminded we are not the only ones "living up in the trees" (as my children say). We had a lovely time talking with the other parents about school and country life, including a phantom cougar that prowls around the area. I'm talking about a real wildcat here, not the slang term. 

Of course, cocktail parties can provide a challenge to any clean eater. I usually resort to eating before the event to make sure I am not ravenous which is when I will be most apt to reach for that flaky cheese-puffed pastry-thing. I am also sure to have a glass of water with me at all times. I don't drink as a rule, but allowed myself one glass of wine this evening. When you're not focused on what you're eating and what you're drinking and have a plan of action, it makes the event much more enjoyable and less like a challenge. 

On Saturday, after a morning radio interview, my husband, stepdaughter and I drove off to Belleville, Ontario for my daughter's gala performance at the Quinte Ballet School of Canada. I love nights like this, when you have an excuse to get dressed up. I am a bit of a girly-girl at heart. There was a silent auction and a delicious meal and dancing. Best of all I got to see my beautiful little girl perform a wonderful dance piece. I'm definitely biased, but she is so talented. It makes me teary every time I see her on the stage. 

So now it's back to work and back to answering your questions, which I love getting so keep them coming. Until next time, eat clean for health and for life... 

p.s. I am starting prepare for the Arnold Classic.... hardcore Eating Clean is in full swing... we're talking serious Cooler #1!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Spreading the Word

With January comes the onslaught of resolutions about health and fitness. People nationwide, continent-wide, and worldwide are looking for the best plan to get the best body. Luckily, here at The Eat-Clean Diet we know the secret...

This isn't the kind of secret you need to keep to yourself, though. Let's spread the word!

We all know someone who needs a little help. 

Let them in on the plan. 

Let them know they are not alone. 

Let them know there is a fad-free way to fight the fat. 

Let them know about The Eat-Clean Diet

Today's the day to spread the word. We're all playing a small but critical role in the battle of obesity. 

Do your part and show someone how successful they can be. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cleaning Up House

Good day Clean Eaters. Who saw American Idol last night? I know I am Canadian and should support Canadian Idol, but I just love that show! I'd say it's my one guilty pleasure on TV and probably the only show I watch all week. My husband and I (that's us in the photo at the Getty Villa in Malibu at Christmas) were getting a big kick out of some of the auditioners last night. There was some definite talent, too. 

Aside from commenting on TV highlights from last night, I thought I would take today to clean up house and answer a few questions that you have posted in the comments question. By the way, I do read all of your comments! So here goes:
1. I do not take all of those supplements every day; phew... there's too many to take. I address them in the diet book because they are common today and I want you to be fully educated. You can pick and choose the ones you like. I do have flax, wheat germ, bee pollen, tulsi tea and omega-3s everyday.
2. I will be attending the Arnold classic at the end of February and I hope some of you can make it to this wonderful event. I will have a booth set up around the Oxygen booth. Please stop by.
And here is a Motivational Moment for the day:
You are all doing such wonderful things for your long-term health. Sometimes eating is difficult because we can't see the effects of our actions at that exact moment. We can't see our arteries clogging or our cells rebelling. Think of this when you are eating something that is greasy and gross. Think of how this will affect you in the long-term. You need to love YOU before you can love anyone else completely. Learn to take care of yourself NOW!!
Happy Wednesday...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I am back from my whirlwind trip to Arizona. It was a great experience and one I hope to repeat soon. Now I am settling back into my routine. I was home for one day after the holidays before jetting off to Arizona, so there is plenty of laundry to be done and groceries to be bought. I always find it takes a good week or two to get back into the swing of things after the holiday season. Do you find the same? And it's always so anti-climactic. 

This past weekend I hosted a seminar in Maple, Ontario. It was a great success. I met some fabulous people. I love hearing every one's story. People come from so many walks of life and find themselves coming into their own by following the Clean Eating lifestyle. I'd love to hear how you started your journey. 

Well, I hear the wash machine beeping. Time to go put a new load in the laundry. Until next time... Eat Clean for health and for life!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just Beautiful...

Well, I've been thoroughly enjoying my time here in Arizona. I was in the lovely city of Prescott on Tuesday and Wednesday. It's a picturesque place with rolling hills and jutting red-rock mountains in the background. Such a different scenery than what I am used to in Ontario. Bonus: there is no snow here!

Now I am writing to you from Phoenix, where I am curled up in my bathrobe because it is 6:30 in the morning!!! I have an appearance on Sonoran Living television this morning, as well as a book signing at Costco this evening at 5pm.

After touring around Phoenix and the surrouning suburbs yesterday, I've decided this would be a lovely place to live. I guess this is why they call Scottsdale the "most livable city".

I've managed to squeeze in my workouts, even though the hotel fitness centers have been less than stellar. It actually presents an excellent challenge to me to figure out how I can use the equipment to work the muscles I need to. Eating Clean is also quite easy here, too. Of course, even if it wasn't easy, I would find a way.

Well, I should be going to get ready for my appearance this morning. My tummy is rumbling and it's time for breakfast. I hope to see some of you this evening at my book signing. For those of you not in the Arizona area... I hope to meet you soon, too! Keep it tight!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I'm in Arizona!!

Hello Bloggers,

I am currently in the lovely state of Arizona for a number of appearances. Check out my media schedule for details on the programs and channels you can catch me on this week. I will also be at the Costco in Phoenix for a book signing on Thursday at 5pm. I can't wait to meet some of you! See you there. 

Monday, January 7, 2008

January Begins...

Here's a shot of me and my daughter, Kelsey-Lynn, and my step-daughter, Chelsea during the holidays. Now that the holdiays are over here are some words of encouragement to start your week:

Whether it's your first day back to work after the holidays, your childrens' first day back to school, or just a typical Monday morning, today is a day of beginnings.

Keep your focus on your health and well-being. 

Keep your food clean and healthy. 

Keep your body moving.

Incorporate your New Year's goals into your everyday life. Don't give up now. Make this the time to persevere and dedicate yourself to all of the wonderful things you deserve. 

Do it now!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Here we are standing at the doorstep of a brand new year. Happy New Year to you all! I have a good feeling about this year. 2008 is going to be a fabulous year - I can feel it. And what a celebration we had at our home. My girls chose to have their friends come over for a New Year's celebration so the mix ran from 14 and up. The adults enjoyed partying with the young people - there was so much good spirit in the air. We kept our celebratory food as clean as possible with an assortment of appetizers including turkey meatballs, piles of jumbo shrimp cocktail, Thai lettuce wraps and nuts. We had a sit down dinner for forty which consisted of soup and salad, roasted winter root vegetables, bison and chicken. I confess dessert was an indulgence of molten lava cakes with loads of fresh berries. Yum!!! And we toasted in the New Year with champagne. There was much laughter and kissing.

So let this year begin with my wishes for the best for you and your loved ones. Let's visit a lot and enjoy each other's company as we journey forward in health and happines.

Your friend,
Tosca Reno