Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Here we are standing at the doorstep of a brand new year. Happy New Year to you all! I have a good feeling about this year. 2008 is going to be a fabulous year - I can feel it. And what a celebration we had at our home. My girls chose to have their friends come over for a New Year's celebration so the mix ran from 14 and up. The adults enjoyed partying with the young people - there was so much good spirit in the air. We kept our celebratory food as clean as possible with an assortment of appetizers including turkey meatballs, piles of jumbo shrimp cocktail, Thai lettuce wraps and nuts. We had a sit down dinner for forty which consisted of soup and salad, roasted winter root vegetables, bison and chicken. I confess dessert was an indulgence of molten lava cakes with loads of fresh berries. Yum!!! And we toasted in the New Year with champagne. There was much laughter and kissing.

So let this year begin with my wishes for the best for you and your loved ones. Let's visit a lot and enjoy each other's company as we journey forward in health and happines.

Your friend,
Tosca Reno


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your inspiration! I'm excited to maintain a clean eating habit for the long term (I'm good at it for a few months, but then the unhealthy white bread, cookies and loads of other processed foods win out and when I blow it, I really blow it!).
Thank you too for your blog and being accessable to the public. That's really cool!
God Bless,

vettie said...

Thank you for the great book and for making the learning of clean eating a great way of life. I started on 01/01/2008 and this my third day. I am pacing myself as to not make this to hard, but remembering to love myself and that all good things take time. Thank you again.


The Martinez Family (JAM) said...
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Marcia said...

Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful book. I have lost over 130 pounds and needed a way to maintain my weight. I discovered your book looking on the Internet. Wow! You have motivated me ! Everyone at work asked me what is your secret to keep the weight off and I tell them eat clean!

Thanks Marcia
Brampton Ont