Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Monday Monday

With a fresh pile of snow on the lawn after last nights flurries I started my Monday with a great outlook for the week. A fresh cup of coffee, my laptop fired up and ready to go, and a quiet calm throughout the house. This is the time when I get the most work done...

I had a great, but busy weekend. On Friday evening I attended a cocktail party with my husband. The party was hosted by the parents of a friend of my stepdaughter. Phew.... say that 10 times fast. Sometimes living up here in the seclusion of the country makes you forget that other people exist. It was nice to be reminded we are not the only ones "living up in the trees" (as my children say). We had a lovely time talking with the other parents about school and country life, including a phantom cougar that prowls around the area. I'm talking about a real wildcat here, not the slang term. 

Of course, cocktail parties can provide a challenge to any clean eater. I usually resort to eating before the event to make sure I am not ravenous which is when I will be most apt to reach for that flaky cheese-puffed pastry-thing. I am also sure to have a glass of water with me at all times. I don't drink as a rule, but allowed myself one glass of wine this evening. When you're not focused on what you're eating and what you're drinking and have a plan of action, it makes the event much more enjoyable and less like a challenge. 

On Saturday, after a morning radio interview, my husband, stepdaughter and I drove off to Belleville, Ontario for my daughter's gala performance at the Quinte Ballet School of Canada. I love nights like this, when you have an excuse to get dressed up. I am a bit of a girly-girl at heart. There was a silent auction and a delicious meal and dancing. Best of all I got to see my beautiful little girl perform a wonderful dance piece. I'm definitely biased, but she is so talented. It makes me teary every time I see her on the stage. 

So now it's back to work and back to answering your questions, which I love getting so keep them coming. Until next time, eat clean for health and for life... 

p.s. I am starting prepare for the Arnold Classic.... hardcore Eating Clean is in full swing... we're talking serious Cooler #1!!!


Shannon said...

Hi Tosca,
I visit the message board daily on your other site, and now I'm a regular reader of your blog, here :)

I'm glad you mentioned cooler #1 because I was wondering how long in general can I eat strictly from the Cooler #1 list.

And how long do you eat from the cooler #1 when you're preparing for a competition?

Good luck!

Corinne said...

I thank you for all your shared wisdom.
I was looking at the cooler plan #1 and I noticed it only has five servings of protein. Which meal should not have protein in it?

vettie said...

Hello Tosca!!!

As always your spirit and wisdom are appreciated on a daily basis. I was wondering if you could explain the "cooler" aspect of eating clean. Curently, I am eating according to the menus in the book. Is that correct or should I be doing the cooler approach or incorporate it with my daily eating. Please give guidance and thank you in advance. Since, eating clean I have lost 4.25 lbs and I have notice that my mood swings are slim to none. I am gratful and look forward to a continued clean bill of health. Peace to you...


Stephanie said...

Tosca, thank you so much for your eat-clean eating plan. You're right! It really does take the guess work out of what to eat which is a big deal for me. I've begun your eat-clean work-out which you mentioned should take about 1/2 hour but when I'm doing it, it takes much longer as I take the couple minute break between each exercise & 30 sec. between each set (I just do 1 warm-up & 1 regular set/exercise). As a mom of 2 littles I want to use my time wisely. Why is it a long workout for me? Am I misunderstanding how to do it? By the way, it does make me feel stronger as a person!