Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hi Clean Eaters,
Here's a cool interview I did with Lelsey Borger. Check it out!! And don't be afraid to get in that gym!

Monday, August 24, 2009


That pretty much sums up Saturday's experience at the Can-Fit-Pro conference.

I spoke twice during the event and signed books for hours and hours and hours.

The people, the stories, the questions, the tears, the laughter, etc. etc. ... it was all unbelievably positive and rewarding.


It was so nice to be around like-minded health and fitness people. We are a powerful group!

Thank you to all of those who made it one of the best experiences of my career!

Here are some shots from the day:

I brought 3 of my daughters to help out with the event. We were swamped! Here's Kelsey-Lynn showing off her Eat-Clean pipes!

The crowd at my first talk. Standing room only. I certainly was not expecting that.

The line for signing. It wrapped all the way around to the next few aisles and lasted for 3.5 hours!! Phewf!!

Being cheeky with a fan!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Can-Fit-Pro Tomorrow

I'll be at the Can-Fit-Pro Conference tomorrow in Toronto. Click here for details. Hope to see you there!!

Harlequin Shoot Today...

On shoot today at Harlequin... loving it!!

We've taken a bunch of YOUR ideas and put them to good use.

Here's a sneak peek from my daughter's iPhone (pics are a little fuzzy)...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

100 000

We have hit 100 000 visitors today!!!

Thank you very much for being a huge part of my life and The Eat-Clean Diet.

And thank you for visiting.

I hope what you learn here inspires you to change your life.

It's never too late.

I'm always listening.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What's Your Professional Opinion?

On Friday I have a BIG photoshoot with Harlequin for the book I am doing with them (once again, NOT a romance novel).

The title has been changed from Primetime to YOUR BEST BODY NOW...

So here's where I need your help:

What do you think would look best on the cover? Standing, sitting, fitness clothes, professional, close up, far away...

What you make you pick up the book and be inspired?

Can't wait to read your responses.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Check out the delicious green beans and potatoes I gathered up from my garden!

Absolutely delicious!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Quick Peak at My Latest Shoot!

My team and I are shooting all week for an upcoming project. Dodging 3 afternoon thunderstorms we made the most of the morning sun yesterday, catching some new lifestyle shots in the garden. It’s all looking great – and I managed to pull out some of my beets when we changed set. They are going to be delicious in the beet slaw I plan to make tonight!

In the afternoon, we moved into a gorgeous rustic log cabin. The cozy simple atmosphere is the perfect set for this project! I’m so excited to share it with all of you. I can guarantee that each image will sparkle!

Here are some of the looks for the day!

In the garden!  

The afternoon set in the cabin. 

Kelsey and I are goofing around!  

To stay updated on this project and the upcoming release of the new cookbook please subscribe to the Eat Clean Diet Newsletter.



Tosca Reno 

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Here's to Eat Clean Success!


Good morning Everyone!


Those of you who subscribe to the weekly Eat-Clean Diet newsletter  know that the 2009 Body Makeover Challenge has just begun. Are you taking part this year? You could win $3000 and a trip to Toronto, Ontario for your own spread in Oxygen, and dinner with me! All of the details can be found here!


Last year’s winner, Melanie Nevins has a truly inspiring story. My team has posted a series of interviews with Melanie that I conducted at her Oxygen photo shoot. Melanie shares how The Eat-Clean Diet helped her save her life, her marriage and her personality. You can see the videos here:


I’ve received a number of inspiring stories over my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I’d love for you to send them into If you have a testimonial about how The Eat-Clean Diet has changed your life, or how it is helping you change your life, send your story here: If you have a success story you’d like to share, send it here.


Let’s continue to inspire each other by achieving and surpassing our training and Eat-Clean Diet goals!



Tosca Reno 

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cottaging eh?

Hi Everyone.
It's wonderful to hear from you. Your goals and plans are fantastic. Seems like relaxing is the key word for the month of August.

I will put you out of your misery - "cottaging" is indeed a Canadian term (I think). It means we all leave the city (for me that would be Toronto) and drive like mad to cottage country. Then you park yourself in a Muskoka chair (also a Canadian term) and drink a 2-4 (that's Canadian for a case of beer). Next you open a paper back and flip it open somewhere and put your sunnies on. Continue pretending to read and just sit there and veg. That's cottaging!

All jokes aside cottaging really just means getting away from the hubbub of the big city and taking a break at a cottage preferrably by a lake. The main thing is to relax.

Live it up eh! (definitely a Canadian term)


Tosca Reno

Friday, August 7, 2009

Tell Me What's Up In Your Life

August has so quickly arrived in all its splendor and I want to hear what's cooking in your life.

What are your latest goals?

Are you relaxing this month or living it up?

Are you working hard?

Are you cottaging?

You motivate me every day to work hard and stay young... I want to hear what you're up to.

Learn More... Read Here

Here's a great article from


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Egads!!! I'm Back!!!

Where on earth did a week go and why wasn't I updating my blog??

Here's a little update on what's been cooking in my life.

I promised myself I would take the month of July OFF to do some much needed resting up. Of course, when you have kids and a hubby and a house and books due the month off turns into a month of doing all of those things you had been avoiding for so long!! For example, I spent the long weekend here in Canada cleaning out the barn. We filled 2.5 dumpsters with junk. Very relaxing!

One thing I definitely took a break from was appearances. I only did a couple of interviews here and there. It was refreshing. Now, I am gearing up for my schedule to be taken over once again.

What's next? The BIG Can-Fit-Pro Conference coming up here in Toronto on August 22nd. I will be speaking at the event. The day before I have my cover photo shoot for the book coming out from Harlequin tentatively called Primetime. P.S. It's not a romance novel!!

These 2 events mean lots of time in the gym to get in tip top shape. I've been staying away from bread and wine (well... I may have slipped with the wine here and there), doing my cardio every morning, and doing specialization training with weights each night.

In the meantime, I am prepping for a big family reunion coming up on the weekend of the 14th at my place. I can't wait to see my siblings, their spouses, and all my little nieces and nephews.

I am also getting emotionally (and financially) prepped for the departure of 3 of my girls back to school in September. We've got some apartment, dorm and house furnishing to do... expensive!

Is it really August already??