Thursday, August 6, 2009

Egads!!! I'm Back!!!

Where on earth did a week go and why wasn't I updating my blog??

Here's a little update on what's been cooking in my life.

I promised myself I would take the month of July OFF to do some much needed resting up. Of course, when you have kids and a hubby and a house and books due the month off turns into a month of doing all of those things you had been avoiding for so long!! For example, I spent the long weekend here in Canada cleaning out the barn. We filled 2.5 dumpsters with junk. Very relaxing!

One thing I definitely took a break from was appearances. I only did a couple of interviews here and there. It was refreshing. Now, I am gearing up for my schedule to be taken over once again.

What's next? The BIG Can-Fit-Pro Conference coming up here in Toronto on August 22nd. I will be speaking at the event. The day before I have my cover photo shoot for the book coming out from Harlequin tentatively called Primetime. P.S. It's not a romance novel!!

These 2 events mean lots of time in the gym to get in tip top shape. I've been staying away from bread and wine (well... I may have slipped with the wine here and there), doing my cardio every morning, and doing specialization training with weights each night.

In the meantime, I am prepping for a big family reunion coming up on the weekend of the 14th at my place. I can't wait to see my siblings, their spouses, and all my little nieces and nephews.

I am also getting emotionally (and financially) prepped for the departure of 3 of my girls back to school in September. We've got some apartment, dorm and house furnishing to do... expensive!

Is it really August already??


VeggieGirl said...


Best of luck with your upcoming events and goals; and yes, August is already here, haha - crazy to think how quickly time flies!!

Dawn said...

Glad to have you back...don't feel bad. I'm still stuck in May.

Anonymous said...

I'm so going to the fitness show! Thanks for sharing the link.
I think everyone is feeling like this year is flying by, I'm still in shock that it is getting dark again by 8:30pm.
I'm glad you mentioned that your Harlequin book is NOT a romance novel, I did do a 'what? what!' when I first read that.
Thanks for the update! Glad to hear life is busy but in the good way.

Sherrilee said...

Hey Tosca,
A way to cut down on those expenses is, go used! Dorm and apartment furniture for students is nothing to go at full-price. Go creative shopping at Thrift and second hand stores, you can always rent a steamer to clean the couches, chairs with after they at their destination. Other used items or dollar store items are great for students. Dollar store dishes you can get in ironstone and you know that holds up, plus it's not expensive, great thing with students!