Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Here's to Eat Clean Success!


Good morning Everyone!


Those of you who subscribe to the weekly Eat-Clean Diet newsletter  know that the 2009 Body Makeover Challenge has just begun. Are you taking part this year? You could win $3000 and a trip to Toronto, Ontario for your own spread in Oxygen, and dinner with me! All of the details can be found here!


Last year’s winner, Melanie Nevins has a truly inspiring story. My team has posted a series of interviews with Melanie that I conducted at her Oxygen photo shoot. Melanie shares how The Eat-Clean Diet helped her save her life, her marriage and her personality. You can see the videos here: http://www.eatcleandiet.com/makeoverchallenge/melanienevins/.


I’ve received a number of inspiring stories over my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I’d love for you to send them into www.EatCleanDiet.com. If you have a testimonial about how The Eat-Clean Diet has changed your life, or how it is helping you change your life, send your story here: http://eatcleandiet.com/community/send_a_letter_to_tosca.aspx. If you have a success story you’d like to share, send it here.


Let’s continue to inspire each other by achieving and surpassing our training and Eat-Clean Diet goals!



Tosca Reno 


Trish said...

I am , I am determined to make a difference this year all the way, and not for the contest, though I am planning on entering, but for me, my family and the long life I want to live healthy, fit and happy.

Anonymous said...

Shoot, I'm in. Going to the gym today to get a member pass.

miss.ann said...

I have been clean eating only since Saturday and have already lost 3 pounds. I am all for change this year. I am so signing up.

glimpse of my world said...

I started the eat clean diet on Friday, i have lost 4 lbs and am NOT hungry- I have read your book front to back and have in my briefcase nearby in case I need. I have 40 lbs to lose - I believe your book is amazing and refreshing. I look forward to sharing the new me in months to come! Thanks!

glimpse of my world said...
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glimpse of my world said...
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Anonymous said...

I tried to fill out the form to start, but for some reason it is requiring to put both my start and finish information. Help!! I am new at this, but am so excited to get in this competition. Thank You!!