Wednesday, June 30, 2010


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02 Photoshoot & Radio Links

Yesterday I had an excellent photo shoot for Oxygen Magazine with Paul Buceta and co.

We had an great time listening to a playlist created by my daughter, Kelsey-Lynn... lots of Beatles! Things got a little crazy & me and Oxygen editor-in-chief, Stacey Kennedy, went for a spin around the dance floor.

We did lots of casual shots, workout shots, cover tries, lifestyle & author photos and attempted the hardest thing ever... photographing the stages of a 1-armed push up.

We noshed on Swiss Chalet for lunch (1/4 chicken with rice and veggies) and downed lots of coffee to keep our energy up!

I love my tousled look care of Val. This is a favorite and I want to learn how to do it on my own.

Check out the pics below.

While your at it listen to this interview from Beyond the Diet and this one from Fit Talk with Shari Fitness... Enjoy!

Keeping things interesting. Insiders Tip: wearing heels during shots makes your legs look more defined.

My daughters, Kelsey-Lynn & Chelsea, who helped out at the shoot yesterday.

When you love what you do you you never work a day in your life! Thanks for making it such a fun day everyone!

Monday, June 28, 2010

I Did It! Iron Goddesses Unite!

Hello All.

The Iron Goddess produced more than a few goddesses this past weekend in Grass Lake, Michigan. There were over 550 competitors, all women seeking to Raise the Bar on themselves in either the Full Sprint, Mini-Sprint or duathlon events. So persistent were they in their pursuit that not even thunder and threatening clouds could prevent them from trying. My daughter Rachel, my sister-in-law Tammy and I competed in the Iron Goddess Triathlon at the Waterloo Recreational Area in Grass Lake, Michigan on June 27th. Here is how it all went down.

We set our alarm clocks for 5:45 am at my brother’s house on the day of the race. With tri bags packed and a non-digestive-disorder-producing breakfast in our tummies, 8 of us including competitors and support team set off for the race. By 7:45 am we had set up our transition areas, attached our timing chips (I brought a few extra safety pins to nail them on since timing chips have a way of falling off during the swim, bike or run) and converged on the water front. The first wave of swimmers set off at 8:00 am right on time. Then wave number 2. Next Rachel hit the water in her electric orange swim cap. My heart was racing for her and I cried on the beach (she didn’t see that) because I was so proud of her. In her first triathlon attempt she nearly drowned during the swim and had to be pulled from the water. My heart was in my throat. Just as things were getting under way with her swim, Mother Nature announced herself with rolling thunder. All swimmers who were in the water no matter where they were had to get out. I scanned the water looking for her – impossible of course! Some swimmers remained in the water because they had gotten far enough in the swim I believe they made a decision to keep going. I don’t blame them but I didn’t know whether to be excited or worried since a shot of lightning would be deadly. All I could do was wait and watch. When I realized that Rachel wasn’t in the group who had turned back it dawned on me that she had stayed in the water and that she was going to finish. I went over to the swim finish line and waited until I saw her. I was thrilled to see her in good spirits emerge from the water. She looked great and then looked confused realizing that I was not in the water yet. But on she went and the worst in my mind for her was over.

The race coordinator, Eva Solomon, did a fantastic job of keeping the rest of us who were still waiting to swim, at bay. We had to wait to get clearance from the Sheriff before we could enter the water – at least a 20 minute delay. And with good reason – a nearby township had been devastated by a tornado while we stood on the beach. Until that morning the water had been too warm to use a wetsuit – 80 degrees F. But now with stormy weather it was time to pull my wetsuit on. There was a feeling of anticipation for all of us as we waited to race. It was difficult to settle my nerves. I just wanted to get it over-with at this point. The announcement over the loudspeaker was that we would have to wait another ten minutes or so. But suddenly the call rang out - “Anyone planning to swim the 800 meters had to get into the water now for a mass start.” In a jumble of zipping up wetsuits and spitting into goggles I found myself standing near the front of the wave of swimmers. I felt that swimming was my strong suit – I have been in the water since I was a small child learning to swim from my father. Surely I could not get into trouble here. But I went out fast with the fastest swimmers and did well until I got to the first marker. I realized I was panicking or it felt like I was panicking. My beautiful steady stroke fell apart and I found myself breast stroking to try to settle myself. The feeling was very much like I could not get enough oxygen into me fast enough. It didn’t help that I had forgotten to pull my swim cap down over my ears. I had to talk to myself all the way from here on in to stick to it, to stay steady, to calm down and to keep pulling. I could hear others around me groaning and gasping as they went. In the weeks leading up to the tri, everyone had warned me of the possibility of this happening to me. I was so disappointed to be experiencing it myself. My arms and legs were cooperating and I kept up a decent breast stroke until I could put my face in the water and do freestyle again. I could see my sister-in-law Tammy nearby as we both plugged onwards. I swam until I was pulling into the sandy bottom of the beach and then stood up, ripped off the upper part of my wetsuit and headed up the hill to T1 (transition 1). I didn’t realize until afterward that the run up the hill to T1 is counted as part of the swim – good thing I ran it.

At T1 I was still counting myself lucky to be standing on solid ground – perhaps I dawdled a little too long with this happy thought because my T1 was a bit too long – but I found my bike, jammed my helmet on my head, sunglasses followed, shoved bare wet feet into previously opened bike shoes and off I went. I was still chewing a Shot Block and messing with my gloves at this point. I managed to get one glove on and carried the other in my other hand for a while, then threw it away. In future for short races I will forget about the gloves. I ran my bike to the start line jumped on and began to pedal with a fury because I didn’t know how good I was on the bike at all. My plan was to catch up to others whom I could see in the distance and then just keep passing people. My real race strategy was to pass people on hills because I knew I was strong on hills – thanks to the cycling I did in the Caledon Hills near my home I guess! Anyway it worked and I managed to push my way further and further along the route. Every hill I climbed I passed other competitors. Let me tell you this is a very encouraging feeling, especially for a first time racer. I feel as if was constantly shouting “On your left!” My legs felt very good during the bike segment and I did not think about the run at all because I knew each part of the race would take care of itself. Loads of folks on the sides shouted encouragement including the Iron Goddess race volunteers who were amazing. Thank you all for being so wonderful out there. Before long I was dismounting my bike and heading to T2.

At T2 I racked my bike, pulled off my helmet and jumped into my running shoes which I had laced with speed laces. These laces are wonderful because they let you secure your shoes with no tying or fumbling which is probably what would have happened to me. I took off on my road race hoping my legs would cooperate. The test came early as the course took us on an incline for the first ten minutes. I just followed my strategy of passing others and again heard myself shouting out “on your left!” over and over again. On and on I ran through trails, roads and bush. At one point in the woods I came to a steep decline and found myself throwing myself down it with a joyful whoop. I announced the “big decline” to others and as I managed my descent I heard approaching competitors scream “Oh no!” in fear of that obstacle. That pushed me on to try harder and I kept going. I wasn’t sure where the finish line was but I could hear the shouts of the crowd becoming louder as I ran. I had imagined myself numerous times coming to the finish line in a full on sprint and had wanted to do that for the last half mile or so but – and this is an important learning – I hadn’t seen the course so I didn’t know how soon to turn on the jets. As it turns out I did turn on the jets and pulled in for a decent finish but next time I will start earlier.

At the finish line I was greeted by Rachel and Tammy, my husband Robert and my brother Ron and his sons Ryan and Reid as well as Mat, Rachel’s boyfriend. Incredibly I had made it. I had survived it. I had accomplished the goal I had set for myself which was at the age of 50 to test myself in another way. I feel I did just that. There were hugs and embraces all around and then we were off in search of food – how good is that first mouthful of food after such an experience? Pretty good right?

As I returned to the transition zone on my own to gather my gear so I could pack it in the car I was overcome. Tears poured down my face – I wasn’t sure why they were happening now but I couldn’t stop them. I guess I just realized I had done what I set out to do and that it was okay not to be perfect at it. That I had struggled and battled through anyway and that I was in the company of others who had done the same. It was overwhelming to me. After I had stowed my gear and secured my bike onto my car I headed back to find the others. There was an enormous crowd near the admin area where everyone was checking out the results. I felt I had accomplished what I wanted to and didn’t need to check anything. But at the urging of my family I was pushed to the front and saw a blur of numbers. Tammy asked me “Do you see that?” I did see my name and for some reason it was first on the list in my age category. I was stunned. Really stunned. I said to my sister-in-law, “There is a mistake. Something is wrong there.” She confirmed there had been no error and that I had placed first in my age group. I was dumbfounded. The best surprise though was that Rachel placed first in her age category and that Tammy had placed 2nd in the overall Masters category. This was too much. I was more excited for them than for me but all around this was a spectacular way to have things end. We were all on a high from then on.

Even today as I unpacked my wetsuit – which was still stinky from the lake – and my cycling shoes – also stinky but not from the lake – I am as excited and overwhelmed as yesterday. I find myself not wanting to do anything to ruin my good work. I have decided that to do well in the upcoming half marathon I will lose a few more pounds to become a little tighter. That may happen anyway as I train for it. My body still feels the adrenalin rushing through it and the thrill of the pursuit. I applaud the competitors who raced with me and who overcame their fears too. Remember I went into this with a number of fears : would I crash my bike under a car again, would I become claustrophobic, would I make it? Everyone won in some way yesterday. I thank Eva Solomon for giving us the venue and the opportunity to discover something new about ourselves.

Congratulations to each and every participant. I met lots of you yesterday and heard your inspiring stories. Well done!

Thanks and congrats to Rachel and Tammy too. Tammy you inspired me to try this and encouraged me to go for it. Rachel this was redemption for you – you did it and you continue to amaze me.

Hugs and kisses all around for my nephews Ryan and Reid who supported us and shouted “FULL JAM!” all the way.

More hugs and kisses for my daughters Chelsea and Kelsey-Lynn who tattooed my racing gear with positive messages. They helped.

Thanks to Ron who put us up for three days, attended to my bike and transition zone and who shouted so loudly I felt we were still little kids playing together at 87 Sunset Boulevard in Kingston, Ontario.

Thanks to Mat who stood behind us all the way with a quiet patience. Very steadying that is. He also tweeted for me as I completed each leg of the journey to keep you updated and cheering me on!

And to my husband Robert who has helped me in so many ways become the woman I never knew I could be until I met him.

Keep it tight!
Tosca Reno

P.S. Check out the results here....

Friday, June 25, 2010

Iron Goddess Here I Come

The weekend has arrived. I will be making my trek to Michigan today in order to participate in the Iron Goddess Sprint Distance Triathlon. I did very little training this week in order to give my muscles optimal recovery for this weekend. I did a light run, bike & swim and weights session. I had my daughter analyze my swim technique to make sure it’s efficient and effective. I am making a concerted effort to scissor kick instead of kicking from the knee. It takes practice, but it makes a huge difference. I feel very powerful!

Nutrition-wise, I have been carbohydrate loading for the past few days in order to pack my muscle & liver full of the fuel they will need to give it my all on Sunday. This is a new concept for me considering bodybuilding competitions require complete carb withdrawal until the last day! I ate the bulk of my carbs after my weights session since my muscles are more inclined to store fuel after a workout.

My sister-in-law, Tammy (the Ironman... er, woman) will be racing with my daughter and me this weekend… although she is doing the full tri. She has given me this tried-and-true list to get prepared for the weekend. Thanks Tammy! You’ve helped me so much these past few months. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Athletic pants and a sweatshirt/jacket for over tri outfit in the morning along with socks and flip flops.

For the Swim:
Old towels - one bath size, one hand size
Swimsuit or tri outfit
Anti-fog solution

For the Cycle:
Extra bike jersey

Bike shoes
Bike gloves
Water bottle or camelback for hydration

For the Run:
Running shoes
Race belt (if you have one - if not it's not necessary)
Hat/visor/or sunglasses if you like to run with these

For Nutrition:

Pack a second bag with a change of clothing for after the race. Throw in an extra beach towel in this bag for sitting on the grass during the award presentation.

What’s in your tri bag? Any other tips for the big day?

I’ll be wearing my Eat-Clean Diet jersey during the cycle & I will be carrying your words of encouragement with me with each mile I race.

See you at the finish line!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday's Terrific Treats

We've just posted some great new recipes on the Eat-Clean Diet sites.

Try Anna's Clean Tortillas. No need to worry about preservatives, hidden ingredients or excess salt and sugar in store-bought tortillas. These alternatives are easy to make and perfect for wraps, fajitas, burritos or any other clean meal.

While you're at it, try your hand at Yogurt Cheese. This has to be my favorite clean alternative to cheese. It's easy to make and it tastes delicious. Just be sure to purchase yogurt that has not been gelatinized.

Let me know what you think of these options. I love your feedback.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Morning Inspiration

Read this fabulous post from mrshinch, a member of our Kitchen Table. She gives her top 5 "extras" of revamping your lifestyle:

For some reason this morning I woke up filled with this new drive ... a hugely optimistic outlook on my health and being able to lose the 60 pounds I want to lose. My goal is 6 months (a trip to Cuba is the inspiration) and remembering how good it felt to be able to move and dance and bend over without a "lump" or a "jiggle" getting in the way and making me uncomfortable.

So cheers to a fresh diet, a sunny disposition, a smile on my face and knowing no matter how bad things may seem that I always have this goal to work towards and the accomplishment will be better than any raise or task checked off my "To Do" list.

Things that make me feel better:

1~ fresh fruit for a snack on the couch with a cup of tea, water with ice or a coffee.

2~ working out to Zumba at the gym or on the Wii at home

3~ walking and playing with my dog Tucker.

4~ seeing my husband Trevor looking at me with adoration .. and wrapping his arms around me to whisper in my ear "You look hot! Good job pumpkin."

5~ putting on a shirt and a pair of jeans without having to exhale first.

Here’s my top 5 on this sunny day...

1~ A big sunny smile from someone you love for no reason at all.
2~ Flowers piled in vases all over the house
3~ My big goofy dog Davidson’s swinging sashay from the back end – hilarious!
4~ Girl time with my girls watching Modern Family on the big comfy couch
5~ A summery dress with a cool breeze blowing through my legs

What are yours?

Please share them here or become a member of the Kitchen Table for lots of tips, tricks and support!

But don't forget the most important tip: Do it now. Don’t wait. One small step today is one step less tomorrow.

Keep it Tight,

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

What a lovely day for Father's Day. I took my husband out for breakfast this morning before spending a glorious sunny day by the pool. Finally! I can't tell you the last time we laid out for a little sunshine-y break. Bob watched me as I swam laps in preparation for my tri. He helped me count and filmed my efforts. I feel good. By the way it was my father who taught me how to swim. He was a swim instructor at the YMCA.

We just finished a yummy dinner of steak, asparagus, green peas, peas from my garden, roasted potatoes, and leak & potato soup (my husband's favorite). It was a feast fit for a father indeed. After a long walk with the dogs we are ready to tuck in for a family viewing of our new favorite guilty pleasure - Modern Family!

I thought about my dad today and how very much I would like him to be here with me to celebrate. His early passing is a reminder to me each and every day to take care of myself so I can be around for the many important days to come. Robert lost his father the day we got married. It's amazing to me how often memories of my father and his pop into our every day living.

I hope you've had the opportunity to take time with your loved ones whomever they are in any way you can.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Graduation Season

I am so proud of my daughter Kiersten who has successfully completed her undergraduate degree in Religious Studies from Queen's University. My family and I attended her commencement ceremony last week in Kingston, Ontario. The weather was gorgeous, the company was fabulous and we celebrated all day long. Here are some photos from Kiersten's big day!

As a special treat we had our hair washed and blow dried for the day at James Brett salon. Here are Kiersten and Kelsey-Lynn getting pampered:

Her ceremony was held in Queen's intimate Grant Hall where the graduates were piped in, inspired with many fabulous speeches, and then given their well-deserved diplomas. An impromptu version of the famous Queen's song "Oil Thigh" was belted out by the grads before they left the hall. As a Queen's alum myself I sang along and couldn't believe I remembered the words after so many years. Here is Kiersten with her faculty celebrating their hard work:

I was so happy my other daughters could join their sister on her special day. Kelsey-Lynn is studying at Queen's and now has something to look forward to, while Rachel has already experienced her 1st commencement and is working on her 2nd as a naturopath. Unfortunately, Chelsea couldn't join us because she was studying for exams. Here we are in front of Grant Hall:

Congratulations to all the new graduates this year!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Latest Updates

Well, my absence from the blog just means I have busy busy busy working away on a bunch of different things. This post serves to update you on the latest happenings in the world of the Eat-Clean Diet and me too! Here's what's up:

1. There are still a few days left to sign up for the No Gym, No Problem contest. Enter by June 20th to win a feature in the Eat-Clean Diet Newsletter and a signed copy of the Eat-Clean Diet Recharged.

2. Check out More Magazine's 17 Healthy Grilling Recipes featuring 8 recipes from us!

3. Meet's featured success story Brenda McKinney! What an inspiration!

4. If you haven't yet please consider joining me and my team to support Team Diabetes during the Toronto Marathon... learn more here.

5. There are less than 2 weeks left until the Iron Goddess Triathlon in Michigan. Anyone out there doing the race?

I'll be back soon (I promise it won't be a week) with more pics, posts and fun!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Big Fat Dutch Family Reunion

Last weekend I had the great opportunity to reconnect with my fantastic Dutch roots. A number of Dutch relatives came straight from Holland to celebrate the 85th birthday of my Tante Trees. She is one of my dad's 12 siblings. My own father passed away many years ago, but we have stayed close with his family. And it is always wonderful to have reminders of how great my dad was. I miss him very much.

My husband, daughters and I traveled to Morrisburg, Ontario to reconnect with my Tante Trees's family. She too had 11 children. Almost all of them were present at the birthday party/reunion with their own families.

Family is extremely important to me and spending the hours with those I've known since birth was a truly fabulous experience. I even practiced some of my Dutch, which is a little rusty, but not too bad!

There were a few teary moments as I reconnected with my Tante Nell and Tante Rit who I hadn't seen in years, but overall it was a joyous celebration full of good Dutch beer, lots of cheese, black licorice, and even a delicious birthday cake in true Delft blue. Not even the rainy day could hold us back from having a great party! What a treat!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cycling Photo Op

Last Saturday I went for a great ride with my friend Julie near our homes in the hill country.

We hit lots of said hills, but we pushed through and had an excellent cycle. I really like this sport and am so happy I gave it a chance. I even sported my lovely Eat-Clean Diet singlet during the ride.

Only 2 weeks left until I test my stuff at the Iron Goddess Sprint Triathlon in Michigan. I can't wait to see what I can do. I'm feeling good about my progress even though I've had some training lapses due to work and travel.

Thanks for all of your support throughout my training. I hope I've also encouraged some of you to give it a tri (I mean "try"... hehe...)!

Huffington Post Blast

Thanks to the fabulous Dr. Ali Binazir who we met at the Book Expo of America. He has selected the Eat-Clean Diet Recharged as one of the Hottest Books in Health, Wellness & Self-Improvement! What a great honor considering how many fantastic authors were present at the event. Click here to read more...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

No Gym? No Problem! CONTEST

Just because you can't go to the gym doesn't mean you can't stay fit. There are so many great exercises you can do at home or on the road gym-free!

We want to hear your top pics for at-home strength training workouts.

3 lucky winners will be featured in the Eat-Clean Diet Newsletter and receive signed copies of the Eat-Clean Diet Recharged.

So what are you waiting for? Share your tips with all of us at the Eat-Clean Diet and come out a winner!


Monday, June 7, 2010

It's 1/2 Marathon Time... JOIN ME!

Now that I've managed training for a triathlon, I think it's time to try a half-marathon, too. Would you like to join me? The Eat-Clean Diet team will be competing in the Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon in support of Team Diabetes. Many Robert Kennedy Publishing employees of all physical fitness backgrounds will be joining the event. You can participate in the full marathon, the 1/2 marathon or even the run/walk option. We at the Eat-Clean Diet work hard to educate everyone on the importance of eating a healthy diet to avoid developing and alleviate symptoms of chronic ailments, such as diabetes. As the number of North Americans afflicted with diabetes increases each year I am hoping you too will join me and my team in support of Team Diabetes to spread the word and stop the trend!

Here are the details:

Race: Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon
Date: October 17, 2010
Charity: Team Diabetes
Distance: Full Marathon, Half-marathon or Run/Walk (it's up to you!)
Donation: Each person is responsible for raising $350 to contribute to the team. If you raise $350 your registration fee will be covered.



If you can't join us in the race than please offer a pledge at, select PLEDGE and search for TOSCA RENO.

*Please note... I am not collecting the monies for myself. Tosca Reno is simply the team under which the donation will be made.

Can't wait to see you pounding the pavement!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Lifestyle Boost

Featured in the latest Lifestyle Boost newsletter the Eat-Clean Diet Recharged.

Check out this great Canadian publication here.

Better TV - Libido Booster

Last week Tuesday I was featured on Better TV. We talked about libido boosting foods... what could be more fun than that! Check it out for some yummy tips that will keep you fit & healthy & happy!

Food Magazine

Fantastic! I have been included in the latest issue with the wonderful Wolfgang Puck amongst others.

Grab the latest issue and find 4 mouth-watering summery recipes from my Eat Clean Cookbook including Lemony Airy Mousse, Fresh Berries in Vanilla-Infused Avocada Oil, Spiced Broiled Grapefruit & Morning Berry Strata. Delicious!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

More BEA Moments

There was a lot going on last week in NYC. Here are a few more photos from our adventures!

At the Robert Kennedy Publishing booth with Wendy Morley who heads up the book department. Thanks for working hard and making it a great week!

My daughters Rachel & Kiersten & book designer Gabriella meeting Clinton Kelly of What Not to Wear at his book signing. We gave him a copy of Eat-Clean Diet for Men. Here's hoping he likes it. We recommended the chicken wings and brownies.

My daughter Kelsey-Lynn meeting Tim Gunn of Project Runway at his book signing. She shared with him her summer plans of attending Parsons in Paris to supplement her fine art degree in July.

A few special fans who attended our Eat-Clean Diet signing. Thanks for coming out. I hope you are enjoying the book!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Book Expo of America 2010 Photo Journal

Here are a selection of shots from my week in New York City at the Book Expo of America.

Welcome to the 2010 Book Expo of America. This fabulous sign graced the entrance of the expo. It came as a wonderful surprise to me. What a great way to spread the message of cleaning up your diet and getting fit! Thanks to Harlequin for putting this up to promote my new book with them, Your Best Body Now: Look and Feel Fabulous at Any Age the Eat-Clean Way (available October 2010).

Setting up camp...

Here's the Robert Kennedy Publishing booth all set for the expo...

Half my team enjoying Magnolia Bakery cupcakes at Rockefeller Center. I guess a treat every now and again isn't that bad. At least they brought me one to enjoy, too. Have you ever enjoyed one of these delicious sweets?

Robert Kennedy Publishing dinner at Bottino in Chelsea. Delicious! Do you have a favorite NYC restaurant?

With powerhouse publisher, Hiroko Kliffner, who gave Rachael Ray her start. She's with me in the middle along with (right to left) book designer Gabriella Caruso Marques, my daughter Kelsey-Lynn, Vinita Persaud, my daughter Kiersten & my publicist, Silvie Bordeaux.

Get your green bag! These went like hot cakes! What's your favorite Eat-Clean Diet accessory?

Eat-Clean Diet green complimenting the super-stylish white of the Huffington Post's Dr. Ali Binazir!

The team meeting makeup guru Bobbi Brown at her book signing. Nice to see you again Bobbi. You look great!

Signing, signing, signing! This is my favorite part of any appearance. I met so many great people, heard fabulous stories, and learned lots of ways to make the Eat-Clean Diet even better. What are your tips?

Time to celebrate the end of the show with a delicious glass of red wine at BoBo with my husband, Robert, and my girls, Kiersten, Kelsey-Lynn & Rachel.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow...