Thursday, June 3, 2010

More BEA Moments

There was a lot going on last week in NYC. Here are a few more photos from our adventures!

At the Robert Kennedy Publishing booth with Wendy Morley who heads up the book department. Thanks for working hard and making it a great week!

My daughters Rachel & Kiersten & book designer Gabriella meeting Clinton Kelly of What Not to Wear at his book signing. We gave him a copy of Eat-Clean Diet for Men. Here's hoping he likes it. We recommended the chicken wings and brownies.

My daughter Kelsey-Lynn meeting Tim Gunn of Project Runway at his book signing. She shared with him her summer plans of attending Parsons in Paris to supplement her fine art degree in July.

A few special fans who attended our Eat-Clean Diet signing. Thanks for coming out. I hope you are enjoying the book!

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Esme said...

I have a copy of your book that I picked up at BEA-I love the quinoa recipes and just made apple-pumpkin muffins tonight. Yummy says my husband-I used 1/8 cup agave-instead of maple sugar flakes-I love anything maple sugar but did not have any flakes. how come you use the flakes instead of agave?