Monday, January 28, 2008


Hello Everyone:
There has been an excellent response to my workout challenge featured in the March issue of Oxygen with Alicia Marie on the cover. There are a couple of you looking for clarification on the challenge, or wanting to learn what the challenge is all about. Please refer to the Eat-Clean Diet website and scroll down to the Makeover Challenge link. While you're there sign up for my monthly newsletter full of more of my tips and tricks. Enjoy!


hal said...

Add one morbidly obese female to your eat-clean makeover challenge.


Finn said...

Hi, I would also like to sign up for the newsletter, but as I live in Europe I am not able to (the required zip-code is not accepted). Any chance to change this? Luckily we can buy Oxygen magazine here, although with about a month's delay - but it's good reading from cover to cover.

Thank you for your support! Feels great to see results after some time of clean eating and excersise - keeps the motivation up.

Vettie said...

Hi Tosca!

I am signing up for the challenge and that is a great motivator. Thank you!!


Anonymous said...

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