Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Your Best Body Now eHarlequin Challenge

My Friends,

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and shouted out with glee because you were thrilled with what you saw?

If you are like so many women, it may feel like a very long time ago. Instead, too many of us are familiar with that dreaded “mirror moment”—you know the one. When you look in the mirror and don’t even recognize the person looking back at you. Thousands of you have written to me wondering how to take back your lives, and I know just how you feel. I didn’t win the hot body lottery. I, too, have felt this way and wondered what to do.

That is why I wrote Your Best Body Now. It took me years to figure out all the tools you need to trim unwanted pounds, erase wrinkles and bumps, navigate hormonal waves, eat better and even get rid of that horrible excess fat on the back of my arms. Yikes! Now that I’ve got it down, I thought you might want to know what works for me. Consider Your Best Body Now your lifeline—a book written by someone who knows, someone who has been there and tried it all and found the answers.

What if I told you that cutting out sugar would make you look ten years younger—wouldn't you do it? Or that eating turmeric switches on the function and efficacy of 2500 genes in your body--wouldn't you add it to your weekly meals? And most importantly, if you knew that Eating Clean would transform your body from the inside out, wouldn't you want to do that too?

Your Best Body Now is a girlfriend-to-girlfriend guide. It is your best friend when you need one most. It will give you the courage and the tools you need to take back your life, so the next time you look in the mirror you will be shouting with glee because you will see Your Best Body in the reflection! Hurrah!

How to Join the Your Best Body Now Challenge:

Interested in creating Your Best Body? I’m inviting eHarlequin.com Community members and all of my fans to join me in a ONE-MONTH Your Best Body Now Challenge using exercises, recipes and tips from the book.

I’ll check in once each week during the month of October to inspire, encourage and provide the motivation you need during the Your Best Body Now Challenge. Plus, I have 5 Your Best Body Now water bottles, a coupon code for 30% off the book AND 5 FREE copies of Your Best Body Now to give out random to participants who sign up by October 8th. The participant who sees the best results at the end of the month will win a gift pack including workout gear and a signed book from yours truly!

Are you going to join us so you can face the holidays looking fit and fabulous in Your Best Body Now? If so, send Jayne Hoogenberk (Manager of the eHarlequin.com Community and Social Media) an email (at Jayne_Hoogenberk@Harlequin.ca) with Your Best Body Now in the subject line to sign up!

Keep it tight,


PS: You will have to register at eHarlequin.com to participate with this challenge and access the Your Best Body Now blog to journal your progress.


Anonymous said...

I just received my pre-order book on Monday and am already at the exercise part. As I have all of Tosca's books, some of this is not new to me. The part that struck me the most was the first 38 pages about life and finding yourself. I want to find myself, and at almost 49 I wonder how diet and exercise can do that for me. I eat clean, I work out, I've dropped some pounds following Tosca's eat clean program, but what I so want is that "ah ha" moment where I finally figure out what I'm supposed to do in life. My son is grown, I'm happily married I work in a well paying mundane job so what I wonder so often in my head is what am I meant to do?? That is the question to which I cannot find the answer in this book. I know the answer has to come from within, but I so envy Tosca finding herself and being all that she can be.


scott said...

It makes sense to cut out sugar for your overall health. It is hard to do when you feel that you are addicted to the stuff. This was a great post and got me motivated to at lease cut out sugar. Thanks!!!

Jen said...

Tosca, I am joining the challenge now! This is just the motivation I need! I am reading the book daily and I love it! You are such an inspiration to me. Thanks for being there for us!

Anonymous said...

Hey just joining, glad to be in! I'm Yael and I am inspired by my husband, I enjoy working and becoming balanced :)

I've been involved in some other forums and have observed this area to have substantially superior subject material, so it helps make sense to ultimately submit!

PS, how do I change the little picture thingy like some people have, I like it but can't figure it out haha

Anonymous said...

Hey just becoming a member, glad to be here! I search ahead to partcipating and have read a great deal so far, so hello!

Sooo anyways, enough about me, see you about and hello yet again haha.

BTW where is the option to change the little picture thingy like some people have, I like it but can't figure it out haha