Monday, October 18, 2010

Big Weekend: NYT Bestseller & 1/2 Marathon!

Wow! What a huge weekend it was. Here's why:

Thanks to your support Your Best Body Now has made it onto the prestigious New York Times Bestseller list in a very short period of time. This is an absolute honor that I am thrilled to share with all of you who made it possible. Here's to inspiring men and women everywhere to live clean lives.

After getting that great news I strapped on my running shoes and competed with the Eat-Clean Diet Team for Team Diabetes in the Goodlife Fitness Toronto 1/2 Marathon. What an experience! I managed to finish in the race in 1:56: 51 & came in 21 out of 192 in my age group. I was so happy to come in under 2 hours!

We had an amazing team yesterday complete with coworkers from Robert Kennedy Publishing and fans of the Eat-Clean Diet. We all rocked the race although it was a struggle!

Thank you to everyone for your support! We did it!

Your Sister in Iron,
Tosca Reno

Eat-Clean Diet Team for Team Diabetes pre-race pump up!

Keeping warm after the race with my daughter Kiersten who finished in an amazing 1:48!

The team (including our awesome 5k participants) after the race with my friends Leslie and Franca who came out to support us! Thanks to everyone else who came to support, too!


Anonymous said...


What a beautiful picture of mother daughter, au naturel. Gorgeous!!!

KRISTIN said...


Marcelle said...

Congratulations on book ( still cant get it on Amazon.UK ) and finishing the half marathon in such a great time.

Bekah @ runtrackmind said...

Way to go!! It is so wonderful that you were able to run with your daughter. I ran another marathon yesterday in Newport, RI finished with a new PR and was fueled by Eating Clean!!! Thank you for sharing your experiences so we all can benefit with better health.

mcockerton said...

Way to go Tosca so proud of you.

Dawn said...

Tosca & Team, It was such a pleasure meeting you yesterday, and an honour to be part of your team!

Tosca, you are even more beautiful in person, and come across as a down to earth, genuinely nice person.

I just updated my blog about my whole half marathon experience.

Thanks again for everything, it is a day I will never forget!

Dawn :)

The Austin Betty said...

You and your daughter could pass as twins!

Amanda said...

I received the new Oxygen mag and WOW! It is your best cover yet! Imagine that?? You look better than ever, AMAZING! Such an inspiration-thank you , thank you, thank you!!

Zuzana said...

Tosca, congratulations! You are such an inspiration!

Melinda said...

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