Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where Are The Clean Eaters Out There?

As some of you know US Weekly named The Eat-Clean Diet as one of the top 5 diet books that actually work! Woohoo! This is really exciting stuff.

The article listed Halle Berry and Nicole Kidman as celebrity fans of the book.

Who knew?!?

Are you reading ladies?

Who else out there is a fan of The Eat-Clean Diet?

Is Halle eating her spinach? Is Nicole noshing on grilled chicken?

We're all eating something... might as well be something "clean" and delicious.


dlaine7 said...

Tosca, my husband and I have sort of stumbled on the Eat Clean Diet and we are loving it. I bought the cookbook for myself from Santa and then once I opened it up I realized that it came with the diet. SO I went out the very next week, bought the book, read it all in one night and we are all eating healthy and absolutely loving it. We are both seeing results, it is NOT hard, just a shift in thinking. Thanks so much for your inspiration, great recipes, and a blog to keep me motivated! From our family to yours,

Debbie Twomey
Calgary AB

Lapetitemort said...

I just got the cookbook and the workout dvd!

VeggieGirl said...


Anonymous said...

I have just recently started eating clean and cannot tell you enough how this has changed my life. Tosca, I have all your books! Love them all! I feel so much better eating clean. Heck, even my skin has cleared up. Can't wait for the men's edition to become available. Any word on your new W Network show?


Kristen Hermanny said...
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Krissa said...

I love everything you do!

I have one suggestion that I am sure someone else had made. I love the cookbook but sometimes the ingredients list overwhelms me. I would love a cookbook with fewer ingredients--like under 10 ing. and 30 minutes. :)

Stephanie said...

I love the cookbook....I'm about to go get the Eat Clean for Kids book so I can enjoy yummy kid food, too!

Anonymous said...

Tosca, I have all of your books. I have been eating clean and feeding my family clean foods since last year. Thank You for all your work and encouragement. You have changed many people for the better! It has been amazing to me to see that my children are naturaly hungry within three hours of eating, they are my reminder it is time for another meal. They will even point out ingredients that are bad in items at the grocery store. Thank You for impacting my family and their future for good! we will always eat clean.

Jennifer said...

*waving hand* ME! My husband and I are eating clean together. I just saw you have an Eat Clean Diet book out for men, I'll have to check it out!

Christine RN, BTech SN (OHN) said...

Congrats! Is is great to have public validation. Especially on top of all your readers success stories - as well as your own.

I embrace the "Eat-Clean" Diet lifestyle. Combined with weight training - can't complain about the results - weight loss, great skin, shiny hair, health and vitality.

Can't get much better than that!

p.s. doing your 'butt' routine -the TR butt is something I am striving for :)

Thanks - keep writing

Shay Shay said...

The Eat-Clean Diet Book and good old fashioned discipline have literally changed my life! I've changed my approach to food (food is fuel). I've changed my approach to fitness (loving strength training; training for half-marathon; great endurance on the tennis courts). I've changed my body (down almost 50 lbs and over 10 % body fat and not done yet). Simply put, I've changed--for a better, more energetic, and less stressed me! I'm even blogging about my journey now-something I never thought I would do!

Lorraine Marotta said...

Dear Tosca,
I began working with a personal trainer in December 2008. She handed me your book gift wrapped and said here is a present, be sure to read it.
Well, I did read it and to my surprise, found it very interesting and enjoyable. (not your typical diet book).
Between reorganizing my eating habits and following a exercise program I am feeling so much better and have more energy.
Starting the new year off twelve pounds lighter couldn't be better!

Kimberly said...

I just recently bought the Eat Clean book and devoured it immediately. I have believed in eating clean food for several years but I didn't really understand the science behind eating every 2-3 hours. This has been a little scary for me but I am feeling so much better. On a more personal note, this book is helping me get past an eating disorder! I am no longer having the urge to binge/purge!!! YEAH for clean eating. I have so much more energy that I have also increased my exercise. I am underweight but not very tone--yet:)Is it possible to get fit without weights? I don't have access to any. I am jogging and doing toning exercises with DVD or on my own using a book. Can't wait to get your cookbook!!!!


Love, love, love this site...I visit daily. I have enjoyed the book. As a former "chubby chick"...I now couldn't imagine my life w/out eating clean and working out. Thank you!

Audrey Gotto said...

Holy Cow, Tosca! Halle Berry and Nicole Kidman? You rock!

Audrey Gotto


Celeb or not, Clean Eating is the way to go!

MPeters said...

I made the In a Canadian Stew tonight for supper and it was fabulous! Thanks for the wonderful recipes.

Anonymous said...

:) Love your work, straight from BC born and raised...and I'm sorry but I LOVEEE that you are canadian! You go girl, you have changed my life and made me healthy, fit and have a round bum!

Matt&Kelly said...

I Love your book! I wish everyone had it! Eating Clean is the best way to go. I recommend this book to everyone! Not only have I seen the results but I feel them. I have never felt better! The changes that take place are inside and out. Start eating clean today!! Don't delay!

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Koreyhliv said...

I made the In a Canadian Stew tonight for supper and it was fabulous! Thanks for the wonderful recipes.

Anonymous said...

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