Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Miami TV Link

After spending a very adventurous day in NYC, my husband & I zipped off to Miami for a few more television appearances. The video above is from my appearance on the WSFL Morning Show. I also appeared on South Florida Today, but I can't seem to find the link at this time.

We'll be home sweet home soon just in time to prepare for an exciting shoot I am doing with the super-cute and super-CUT Jamie Eason on Thursday. It's been an absolute whirlwind this week!!! I love it!


Summergirl said...

Fantastic interview! Thanks for the inspiration to keep going. You look fantastic!

Felicia said...

totally random but that color looks so great on you! we love you tosca :)

JS said...

Hi Tosca,
Random question - over the past 8 or so years I've eaten relatively clean (as a former vegan and now mainly "vegetarian" - except I eat fish). I am going into my 9th month of pregnancy and have been brining Nature Valley granola bars to work to satisfy either my mid-morning or mid-afternoon snach. Well I know that they are not "clean" and with a coupon yesterday I bought a "protein-plus bar". I ate it and then looked at the ingredients (I know - bad, should have done that first). It listed chocolate (which you say in your book is a no-no) and palm kernel oil, and sugar alcohol. I'm pretty sure that none of these ingredients are "clean". Are there any energy bars out there that are ok? I just get tired of yogurt or string cheese for every snack (and unsweetened greek yogurt is what I have for my afternoon snack today). Please give me some recommendations (and please say that there are more choices than simply LaraBars...).

Thanks for your help!


Anonymous said...

Good interview, I also like the colour on you. I thing the bolder and brighter shades look better on the TV.

I find you to be motivational. I am still not there with my food, but everytime I see you I feel I really need to work on cleaning up my eating.

I just find it such a challenge.

Jingles47 said...

Hello Tosca,
A total treat to watch. Thank you.
Your confidence was terrific. My daughter and I are eat clean fans thanks to your books and enthusiasm towards this lifestyle.