Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's Never Too Late...

I would like to wish congratulations to my older sister, Martina, who will be celebrating her graduation today. The ladies in my family certainly seem to be late bloomers! This will be my sister's 2nd university graduation, and she will finally be receiving the degree she has always wanted! I am so proud of her and her accomplishments. She got a second chance and ran with it! I can't wait to celebrate with her.

I did the same thing in my life. I realized I wasn't happy where I was and needed to get out and move on. I was so lucky to be granted another opportunity to live my life to its fullest potential. I grabbed the bull by the horns, so to speak, and took advantage. Not only did I make a difference in my life, but I can now do the same for you. But you have to help me...

Take advantage of this opportunity. It is NEVER too late to start. You have been given this wonderful body full of life and it's your privilege to take care of it and maintain its optimum health. Eating Clean, training hard, sleeping well, working hard and loving life are all gifts that you can give to your body. It will reward you! Living out your best life is your way of saying "thank you" for being granted the opportunity to live. I want to celebrate with you, too!

So a BIG congratulations to my big sister for doing it... and a BIG shout of encouragment to you... you CAN do it!


Christie said...

I just bought both books a couple of weeks ago, and I am so excited. I've been eating clean for a week now. I never would have thought I could do it. Over the course of the last 9 months I've been working out 5+ days a week and eating better, resulting in a weight loss of 20 pounds and an enormous increase in muscle mass. I have reached a seemingly insurmountable plateau, however. Even though I weigh less now than I have in probably 15 years, I have another 10 pounds that I want to lose.

Even after a week, I can feel the difference. I needed the guidance and the structure offered by the books. I'm such a fan. I am very hopeful that there is a second cookbook!

What is even more impressive is that my 10 year old daughter, who religiously take a pb&j, heavy on the j, to school for lunch every day, has decided that "clean" leftovers aren't so bad for lunch, and she's really starting to get into the spirit of the thing. It is a very exciting time in our household right now.

Thank you Tosca!

Anonymous said...

I just purchased both the Eat Clean Diet and the Eat Clean Diet Cookbook. They are full of great information. Thank you. You are such an inspiration. The one thing I didn't see was what our daily calorie count should be. I am a 45 year old woman who needs to lose 50 pounds. I am assuming that I need to watch the calorie count. I may have overlooked this info in the book but I want to make sure before I start. It looks like so much food in the menus which I guess is the point but I am curious how to make sure I am not overeating.

Tosca Reno said...

Hi Ladies.

So glad you are getting good results. I love Clean Eating too! Of course. But we have plans to create more cookbooks and other books too. Right now I am in the office with my EAt Clean Team putting the finishing touches on my EAT Clean Workout book.

As for the absence of a calorie count you are quite right - there isn't one and you never will see one in Clean EAting literature. The reason is because you can't count calories accurately and hope to keep on top of any weight loss or gain situation. No one can do it accurately. So we work on portions. I also want you to learn to listen to your tummy and really understand the feelings of fullness and hunger. They should guide your eating over and above calories.

Good luck and shine your Clean EAting light on your loved ones!
Tosca Reno