Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hello Sistahs in Iron, Women of Strength and All Those Who Support Us!

This is it! 2008 will become a memory in a matter of hours, minutes and seconds. The ups and downs of an entire year can soon be put to bed with a few sips of champagne and a kiss from your special someone. Even if you don’t have a special someone, make an effort to reach out to that person who has been your nemesis, enemy or obstacle in your life. Forgive and forget! Life is such a brief moment – too brief to remain mired in the negative. Seek out the positive. Forgive yourself, forgive others. Get in touch with your hidden strengths – I know you have them. I believe in you.

Throughout the year we have learned so much. The lessons to be found in pursuing your dreams in any arena of life including improved health and fitness are many. I cannot face any day in good form without taking good care of myself through Eating Clean and physical exercise. My wish for you is to also discover the nurturing that comes from practicing these good principles. If all else in your world is falling apart at least you can derive satisfaction from the discipline of training and eating well. I reflect on my own lazy, fat days and remember how difficult it was to climb even a set of stairs. I was lazy and out of ignorance chose not to look after myself – I scarcely knew how. Now that I have discovered how to do so life and food is no longer perverse. It is a joy! A sheer joy!

2009 promises to be as exciting and challenging as the one we will soon put to bed. Looking forward I will continue to strive towards reaching goals I have already set for myself and new ones. Achieving success comes from developing a system in which to gain it. Make a plan, as I did. Write it down! Read it and feel it! Do it every day! No one will give it to you. You must make it happen for yourself. I want to take my dreams and make them commitments – the real thing. To that end I know I will physically and emotionally be in the moment striding towards success each day I am granted on this giant mud ball called Earth. I feel the winds of change not only for myself but for our continent.

Remember I am always listening to each of you. I am your Sister in Iron. I learn from you and you from me. Together we will become what we are destined to be – our best!
2009 is the year for you and I to be successful. Can you feel the power? I can!
Your friend,
Hugs and best New Year wishes to you all,


VeggieGirl said...

Incredible, incredible, incredible!!! Tosca, your books and emails have helped me so much - I'm no longer a weakling!! :-)

Happy New Year!!

VeggieGirl said...
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Kari said...

wow what an amazing post. surely left me feeling so full of hope, so full of wonder, so full of that drive that makes me want to just grab hold and take control of my life, making leaps each day towards becoming a better me. 2009 is the year for me to be successful!!! I can feel it!

Anonymous said...

It was one year ago that I dicovered clean eating and it has truly changed my life and the life of my family. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Karen (Katschi) said...

Happy New Year, Tosca to you & the family!
I'm excited to see what we all accomplish in 2009!

heidi mohs said...

Thank you for everything Tosca! I look forward to more books, Oxygen Mag, Clean Eating mag and your posts in 2009 (also, to get you to San Francisco area one of these days!!!) Have a wonderful new year and keep doing what you do...encourage your sisters in iron!
much love!
SF Bay Area

LeahInOz said...

Happy New Year to you and your family Tosca. I have been following you for a number of years now and have always enjoyed your column in Oxygen. I recently went home to Canada and bought all the Eat Clean books and some extras for my Aussie friends. I pestered my local Borders for months to carry the Clean Eating mag and finally this month it arrived on the shelves - WoooHooo! Previously my mom was sending them to me.
I am eating clean now and am signing up for PHAT Camp which will be in Sydney at the end of March. I look forward to telling Jen Hendershot that all she sees before her is due to clean eating and bloody hard work!! Thank you Tosca for inspiring me to tackle my life head on in a healthy positive way.

Anonymous said...

Fun pics of you and your family. I started Clean Eating exactly a year ago!!! You have made a huge difference in my life. This is the year of 40 for me and I feel better now than I did when I was 30!!!!!! Thanks so much Tosca and have a wonderful 2009.
You are my Butterfly!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I've learned so much from you this past year as I have enjoyed your books and websites. I've always been a fitness buff but have really taken it to the next level with eating clean.

You are a true inspiration. May God bless you in 2009!
Erica (Cincinnati, OH)

Angela said...

Happy New Year Tosca,

This is it -- this is my YEAR!! No more looking back, it's time for MY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I will eat clean, I will be consistent in my eating and working out and I WILL lose the 20 -25 pds. that I need to! I will also be focusing on my 8 yr. old Daughter and teaching her about clean eating -- I'll be getting your book tomorrow on clean eating for kids.

It's time to shine in 2009!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Tosca to you and your family.

Your post moved me to tears. The strength, love and hope in your words overwhelmed me. I feel it too. Everything you wrote about I am feeling and living. Thank you from the bottom of my 46 life years heart for keeping it so real and so within reach. I cannot tell you how much I admire you.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Tosca to you and your family.

You are my inspiration and I know that this year when I turn 50 I'm going to be in the best shape of my life I also want to inspire my daughter and make her see that eating clean works she is also turning 30 and it's time for her to make changes in her life. Thanks for keeping it real and for all your support.

l_knierim said...


I have taken your lead and went out and stocked my kitchen with clean eats. I even took pics to post. It felt so great to do that. This year is going to be the year of better health and fitness for me and my family. thanks for all that you do and all who you inspire.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Tosca!! All the best for 2009.

As I approach my 50th Birthday in have inspired me to be the best I can be!

Thank you!!


Terri said...

Tosca, you set the bar on health and fitness and are TRULY an inspiration to me. When ever friends or family see my CLEAN EATING mag laying around my kitchen they always want to borrow it. I've shared your magazine with so many people. It's simply the best out there. This is my year too. Time for me to "crank it up a notch" and be all that I know I can be! I work at a public library and select health and fitness material for our collection. You can bet your books are on the shelves at the library in my public library!

All the best - keep it coming!
Terri Suda

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Tosca for such a heart felt and inspirational post. I really needed that pick me up today. I have been feeling very low lately and as I read your post I could feel the tears coming. Thanks again for the encouragement and support. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and your family. I love the pictures! You all look like a lovely close family.

Wishing you the best in 2009.

Monica in San Diego.

Dommi said...

What a wonderful New Year's message, Tosca! You are incredibly kind! Your words mean so much to me.

I hope 2009 will run a smooth but powerful course for you, Tosca. You deserve all things great!

Best wishes in the New Year.

Your Sister in Iron,