Monday, December 1, 2008

What A Weekend...

Good Monday Morning:I am feeling better thanks to your helpful words on Friday. I am totally back to basics here and realize I need to set goals for myself and decide what I want to do. One goal is to purchase snow shoes. We have so much winter weather this year I need to take advantage. I'm sure the dogs would love trekking around with me too.

I have finally gotten back to a training routine: 3 body parts each day with 1 - 2 exercises and 3 sets of 15 reps using moderate weight so as not to stress the muscles. We're just reminding the muscles of the training I was doing before. Sat: shoulders, chest, and back; Sun: hamstrings, glutes, quads; haven't trained yet today.

On my husband and I attended 2 Christmas parties. The first was a wedding/Christmas/everything celebration with friends from Milton. My friend Leslie made her famous chicken stacks (the recipe is in the Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook) to keep the meals clean. We also feasted on Heart Smart Lemon Mousse and homemade cornmeal biscotti. With the occassional glass of wine it was a great night.

After feasting at Leslie's we enjoyed some dancing at our friends Richard and Marilyn's annual Christmas party in one of Kleinburg's gorgeous golf courses. It was a late night, but a great way to start gearing up for the holiday season.

On Sunday I woke up bright and early to drive to Belleville for brunch with my daughter, Kelsey-Lynn. I drove back home that afternoon to get ready for the Sarah Brightman concert. She is one of my favorite artists. It was one of my Christmas presents to my husband. The concert was just mind blowing. Her shoes and her clothes are unreal... but her voice completely filled the Air Canada Center. The place went nuts when she sang Phantom. Afterwards, we drove home in a snow storm and have a good foot of snow on the ground this morning!!! Wow. Maybe we will have a white Christmas after all...

I will post some pics of the snow once I load them onto my computer.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us updated on how life after competition is progressing. It's always challenging to drive to a goal and then have to re-adjust once it's been met. I look forward to your updates and future goals. You have been such an inspiration to me.
P.S. I saw the Sarah Brightman concert on TV last night in the US-she was amazing- I agree- she has a wonderful voice. Tina O.

Mommy Long Legs said...

Thank you for your continuous blogging. I never thought I would be interested in reading someone's thoughts but I have found yours to be very enlightening. I guess for the simple reason of it's nice to know others have similar struggles, delights, enjoyments, sadness and hopes as I, and possibly so many more, have. You have turned a "not-a-fan" of blogs into a blog fan! Well at least yours anyway :)

Anonymous said...

Just wondering what type of daily nutrition you are back to? Enjoy the dairy fruits and whole grains! :) yum yum

Anonymous said...

Hi Tosca,
Glad to are back on track.

Now I need to focus, back to the weights on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better Tosca! The concert sounded amazing, I love Sarah Brightman's voice. Can't wait to hear about the snowshoes!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Tosca!! I watched the competition and you looked fabulous!! I was wondering, I have to switch over to goats milk and all i can find in whole goats milk, no partly skimmed. is it too fattening to use in my eat clean diet. i heard it was a different kind of fat than cows milk and that it's ok. would you be able to clear that up for me?? thanks so much, for this and for everything!! :)

Ki said...

Hey Tosca! I just got your book, and I am reading it word for word! I am in need of some extra help. I am only 22 years old, and I love to eat like a kid! I am super picky, I dont like tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, red-green or orange peppers, celery, etc. You name it, and I pretty much dont like it! I need help finding a way to introduce the foods I dont like into my daily meals. I am stuck and dont know how to eat clean without getting bored quickly! I love egg whites, salmon, chicken, fish etc!

Oh and If I eat carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, broccoli I want to dip them in ranch! Any suggestions?!

Thank you!