Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another Busy Week Ahead

Good morning bloggers,

We're battling yet another snowstorm here in Southwestern Ontario. I ventured out this morning to have a visit with my friend Franca in Milton. This is my one day of peace in the middle of yet another BUSY week.

So does anyone else feel like they are on a treadmill these days? And I don't mean the good treadmill at the gym; I mean the treadmill of life. I'm constantly on the go. Sometimes I don't know if I can handle it all. I go to bed thinking about what I haven't done in the day. Sorry... whining. But I guess it's good to know that I am not immune to stress! It gets all of us. It's how we handle it that shows our character and ability to succeed. Let me tell you... handling stress does not involve a bucket of ice cream and sweatpants. That used to be my plan of attack and it got me even more stressed.

As for this week, I have a lot of adventures ahead of me...
Yesterday I spent ALL DAY filming for The W Network. I wish I could give you all an air date for the show, but I have no idea when things will be done. We just keep filming more and more.

Thursday I fly out to Vancouver, BC because on Friday morning I will be guest speaking at Kiewit & Sons Annual Conference. I am the motivational speaker for the wives at breakfast on Friday morning. I have worked with the chef at the hotel to create a clean-eating spread for the breakfast talk. I hope they enjoy it.

Friday afternoon I fly home from BC so I can be in Kingston, Ontario for Saturday morning. I am really honored to be speaking at Queen's University, my alma mater, as successful alumni. Click here for the information for those of you who are in the area. I don't know if it is open to the public or if it is just for students, but it's worth a look.

This weekend is also my daughter's 21st birthday celebration. Does anyone have any recommendations for 21st birthday gifts? I'm at a loss.


I know I said I would keep you posted on my progress for the Arnold coming up in a month's time, and here's where I have to get good and honest. With the amount of work on my plate, even I have had more than my share of days off. When my hubby and I have made it to the gym we have been working with 4 sets. The first set is 25 reps with light weight and the following 3 sets are 6 reps with ultra-heavy weight. As for eating.... it's Cooler 1 ALL THE WAY!!

Enjoy the snowshoeing pics everybody. I took those this weekend with Chelsea and the pups when I finally managed to peel my butt off the desk chair after working on recipes all weekend.

I'll update you on all the week's adventures... and I will answer questions soon.


Marisa CP said...


You rock....!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck in Vancouver and at Queens...you'll blow them away! As for ideas for your daughters birthay, how about some nice Lululemon outfits? I am 28 and LOVE this line. You can't go wrong with jewelry either! Not sure how much you want to spend though lol.

MPeters said...

You have definitely been busy and it doesn't sound like it is going to get any slower. I completely understand this feeling - sometimes I don't know if I am coming or going!

Your daughter's 21st birthday is probably a pretty big deal to her. My sister turns 21 this year and she is excited. Is she the kind of girl that likes clothes? I always love getting new outfits for holidays because I can get fabulous things that I want but would never buy for myself.

Anonymous said...

Tosca the pics are awesome. What fun!!!! That must have done a lot to decrease your stress! I I had such a great arm work out today I have to stop typing. They are tired!!!!!! Bye

Molly229 said...

Tosca. Love the pics. Sounds like you are a bit stressed and overwhelmed with all that has to be done. Stress can kill us, as you know exercise and eating properly are most important, and remember most of all that you are doing what you love to do the most. I know there are days when it may be difficult to blog when so many other things are going on but know how much we appreciate your honesty and to see that even the successful and famous have "those kinds of days" as well. Keeping it real is what you always do. Good luck this week! You will rock those crowds!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your battles, as well as your victories! I turned 21 a couple of years ago and I got a set of pearls. Every girl needs a good set and it is something your daughter will have forever. I wear mine almost every day . . . we Southern girls wear them with EVERYTHING . . . jeans and a t-shirt to wedding gowns. They always add a touch of class to an outfit!

Lise said...

Oooooh you're going to be here in Vancouver!! (fingers crossed for a sunny day on Friday) Mabe sometime in the future, you will be able to lead a conference / workshop here?!? I'd love to have an opportunity to meet you one day in person;0) Thank you for all that you do Tosca!

~ Lise aka: 'Ironwman' on the Eat Clean forum.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tosca,

We all have those days; I beleive it keeps us sane and motivated anddd realize when too much is just plain too much. Make sure yout Take "TOSCA TIME" have a bath, get a massage or just anything to help yourself relax. Sometimes I go for a light jog with no music to let my brain store away all the info Ive taken in over the last few weeks. Just me and my feet on pavement.

As for the present: I am 22, for my 21st my Mum gave me a ring that I would be inherating from my family...such an amazing present...lululemon is brilliant...a really nice scrapbook you could have someone make with your family pictures...jewerly of course, it is her "champange bday" even though us canadians have been legal for a few years by 21...maybe a really cute pair of heels? Make it something to 'treat' her...something she wouldnt always buy herself or maybe cant afford to buy herself.

As for life, keep doing what your doing and dont forget to balance it all...too many things to do will only hurt your competition and mind set. xoxo lots of love! JennaB from BC

Stephanie said...

For my 21st birthday my mom bought me a Pandora charm bracelet with a charm. I'm 23 now, and wear it every day. And it's something that I can pass on to my daughter when I have kids one day.