Friday, February 20, 2009

Back from LA

My appearance on Extra! will air on March 7th, 2009!
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3 feet of snow blankets the ground...

-13 C temperatures nip at your face...

Best solution??

Hop on a plane to LA.

That's what me and my hubby did this week. Unfortunately, our foray into the golden state only lasted 1 day. We flew in on Tuesday evening, filmed all day on Wednesday, and flew home on Thursday afternoon. Boo!!!

That is not the best thing to do. All I wanted was to soak up the sun for just a few more minutes before heading back to snow country.

BUT the time I had in LA was great. I was really nervous to work with the team from Extra. I was lying in bed on Tuesday night worrying away about how the day would go. Would they think I was unprofessional? Would I mess up? Would it not be interesting enough? All these things kept me up. When the day finally arrived and I started things went much more smoothly than I thought. We actually had a lot of fun. The feedback was great, too. I guess my work with Naomi producing the series for The W Network gave me a lot of practice. I felt totally at ease.

The show will air on March 7th. It is part of Extra's Ambush Lifestyle Makeovers. We ambushed a teen with diabetes. It was a really great day with an excellent message. I'll give you more details closer to the date.

Next time I am hoping to show Mario Lopez a few things in the gym!

Have a great weekend everyone.



Anonymous said...

Sounds so exciting! Can't wait for your show on the W Network. Stay warm this weekend! :)

Stephanie said...

That's great! I'm excited to watch!

VeggieGirl said...

So envious of the LA weather - I'm freezing here!! :-D

Can't wait for the show!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! You talked to Mario Lopez?? Now he has a great body!!

Congratulations Tosca! I'm sure you did great. I will mark this in my calendar.....don't want to miss it.


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. You are so pretty. I can't wait to see the segment on Extra.

Maari said...

Goodness you look good!

Looking forward to getting your books soon (to Finland). I am your age and your example pushes me forward - in a very, very positive way. I am making nice progress, slowly but surely, and in a healthy manner. AND I LOVE IT!!!

Kaisa said...
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Kaisa said...

Ah, great to hear that there is someone else from Finland reading this blog as well. And eating clean :). I just ordered the eat clean cook book from the UK as I couldn't find one in Helsinki.

Keep up the good work Tosca, you've really got a world wide 'audience' :). Big thanks for your inspiration!


Kaisa said...
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Cynthia said...

you are so beautiful. I was wondering what you use to get your skin tanned or do you use a tanning bed during the grim Canadian winter months. I live in Northern BC and our winters are so long! Can you recommend a great sunless tanning product.

Christine RN, BTech SN (OHN) said...

I have a similar question about tanning - I know it is needed for competition. Is there any success at just fake sprays or dyes or does one have to have a 'base' from a tanning bed or the sun.

I have spent years protecting my skin but may have to succumb if I proceed with my goals of figure comp.

Any tips you have will be greatly appreciated. Because whatever you have done with your skin is awesome and I am sure you can teach us!

Is there a compromise?


Anonymous said...

I noticed that oat bran packs a good bit of protein. I believe 7 grams per serving. Do you think it's necessary to add any other protein when eating it? Or is it fine to eat oat bran by itself for a hot cereal?

Pa1385 said...

It is so nice to see you in your "natural state". With the magazines and the airbrushing and lighting it is hard not to beat myself up. I'm ok when I look at my aging skin when I look at your pictures on this site. Thank You for that. You are beautiful.

Crystal Kenny said...

When are you coming to Oakville?? I heard you might be making an appearance at the Whole Foods market. Looking forward to hearing from you,

Crystal Kenny