Saturday, May 30, 2009

BEA Friday and Saturday

Well, if you've been following my Twitter you know I am COMPLETELY run off my feet after 2 very long days at the Book Expo of America. We were featuring the latest Eat-Clean Diet book... The Eat-Clean Diet for Men. We had 2 very successful book signing sessions, met lots of great people, and spread the Eating Clean message. Interestingly enough some ladies who were unfamiliar with the Eat-Clean Series couldn't believe we only had a book for men, so it was great to talk to them about the entire series. I heard some wonderful success stories, too.

Tomorow I have a VERY early call time for Fox & Friends here in NYC. Catch if you can at 7am. Here's the link to find out where it will be for you...

Here are a couple of shots from the weekend thus far.

My assistant/daughter, Kiersten, rocking her Eat-Clean Diet t-shirt and handing out our infamous green bags... everyone wanted one!

Taking a seat at our booth for a few moments. A demo of Tosca:Flexing at 49 is showing in the background.

My team at Fig & Olive in the lively Meatpacking District of NYC. We had a delicious celebratory dinner for another year of hard work for the Eat-Clean Diet series.

Now, I am in dire need of a workout!! Off to the gym to lift some serious iron... boy do I need to reenergize.

More later.



Anonymous said...

How can we get a green bag?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tosca,
When and where can we get eat clean t-shirts and green bags? I see a few new Tosca books pictured- are these new ones coming out and when? I saw Eat Clean Cookbook, Eat Clean Companion and Eat Clean Recharged. I love the Eat Clean Series and am a devoted follower! Tina from Chicago

jensfit127 said...

What is in the new Eat-Clean Diet Recharged? How is it different from the original book?


Lori G. said...

So fun to see you with the guys on Fox and Friends - great job Tosca!

Anonymous said...


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