Friday, May 15, 2009

Counting Down to 50

Hello Clean Eaters old and new,

The last decade of my life has been, well, life changing. Many of you have been along for the ride since the beginning, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this incredible experience with me.

Join me this week as I count down the last 7 days as a 40-something.

50 here I come!

Let's make it better than ever!

Your 40-something Sister in Iron for 7 more days,


Maryanne said...

Would love to join you as you count down the last 7 days in the 40's. I just really hope that by the time I reach 49 / 50 that I look as fantastic as you do. x

Trish said...

Wow ! I had no idea.

I turned 40 on the 1st of this month and I am sooo unhappy with me! I am having a hard time being 40...I remember when I thought 40 was soooo old!  Any tips to mentally be ok with this? :)

YOU look beautiful and I am so awed by what you have not only accomplished, but maintain.

Anonymous said...

Way to go girl...You certainly don't look it. Keep being the Best of the Best.

KAG said...


Is your birthday on May 22? I turn 30 on May 22! Really dreading it, but starting eating clean just about 2 weeks ago, so hopefully by the time I reach 50 I will be in LOVE with life, me, my body, and clean food!

Thanks for your inspiration, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Anonymous said...

tosca so glad to have you as an inspiration...i turned 40 in january and because of following your blogs, posts, etc., i did not have a problem turning 40! i am the best shape of my life and it can only get better. thank you thank you for all you do for us!
much love and respect,

Maari said...

Tosca, I turned 50 6 weeks ago, and I can tell it does not hurt nor kill you. It was a great day (I did not officially celebrate), with lots of great greetings from present and old - even long lost - friends. Quite emotional!

I celebrated my years by skiing 30km in a challenging mountain landscape, added by a wonderful sauna and good food (as clean as possible in a restaurant). By the way, on the same day my husband turned 65. We can never forget eachother's birthday... I had some champagne and also a small calvados to end up the delicious dinner.

I feel I live a good time in my life, enjoying the young girl in me with healthy habits, including eating clean, gym and cardio (jogging, nordic walking, biking).

I am from Finland and I follow your blog all the time. The day you turn 50 I will congratulate you with all my heart, thankful, as you have given such good guidelines to live my mid-age life to the fullest.