Monday, July 20, 2009

Tosca: Flexing at 49 Goes to Vegas!!!

So Saturday's show was a tense one!!! It's amazing to relive it all over again... and just as frustrating as the first time. Competing is such a challenge and I felt out of my league and unprepared which totally threw off my game. I was a mess that day.

Most of you know the results at this point if you've been following my blog since the fall, but now you know exactly how I was feeling! Sometimes I wonder if I'm NUTS!!

What did you think of the episode?


VeggieGirl said...

I wish I could watch the show!! Doesn't air here :-(

Anonymous said...

The show was great! I'm still amazed that they didn't choose a bikini shot for the cover, even after that second shoot! You looked amazing! How many more episodes are left?


lesley said...

I would love to watch your show, too, but unfortunately I'm in the same boat as VeggieGirl!

Anonymous said...

Ok finally had a chance to watch the show last night on my PVR. Those other contestants are total T&A, it didn't seem like a legit contest really.
I'm with Robert, wasn't really that keen on your costume, sorry. I thought it covered you too much.
Loved the photo shoot, you really can rock ANY bikini girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

Do you make the desicions on what you wear for the contest and what contest you enter? I would think with all of Roberts expertise that he would have some say in costume and picking the competition venue?
The contest 'may' have been a good one don't kno...but failure on the part of the judges to ELIMINATE ANYONE WHO DOES NOT HAVE ANY DEFINITION! That's one thing that worries me about competing ya work so freakin' hard to loose out on poor judging or to someone who may be juicing. Tosca, how does one overcome we just say to ourselves I'm doing it for myself? I've seen this happen locally and it's really discouraging and unappealing.

Anonymous said...

I love your show! I am in the process of losing weight and preparing to compete in a competition next spring. I was able to show your tv show to my family and friends so that they could understand what it was I was going to be doing! A really good insight into the life of a competitor!

I also showed my mom (who turned 50 this past year) that she could do anything no matter what age you were!

Penny McEwen

Anonymous said...

I would love to watch your show but I am in the U.S.!

Anonymous said...

Was just channel surfing Sunday morning and caught your Vegas show today (rerun from Saturday) Thought I would "google" you to find out more details. Awesome! So much so, I found myself having to leave a message! Very inspirational!

You go girl!

Anonymous said...

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