Friday, February 15, 2008

Post-Valentine's Recovery

Who indulged last night? Do you see me amongst all of you raising my hand? It's high up in the air because I had a delicious Valentine's Day meal with my family complete with wine and dessert. Let me share it with you:

I roasted garlic-infused pork tenderloin in the oven in a bath of balsamic vinegar, honey, water, and a dash of olive oil. I prepared roasted zucchini, which I julienned and threw on a baking sheet with a light dusting of seasoning salt. I also cut up sweet potato wedges, seasoned them, and baked them in the oven. Are you getting hungry yet? The finishing touch was pan-wilted spinach. Yummy!

For dessert I prepared Tofu Chocolate Mousse from the Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook. My daughter also bought each of us a super-sized heart-shaped ginger cookie with I Love You written in icing. It was a dinner of pure, romantic indulgence and I loved every minute. 

How did you celebrate the day? With a loved one? With family? With friends? Clean-Eating style?

Days like yesterday are crucial for success, though, so if you indulged do not beat yourself up. These days can keep you from going crazy and bingeing every other day because you have something to look forward to. Schedule cheat meals into  your routine if you haven't already done so. Then start afresh the next meal or day. 

Now I am back to reality... back to the gym... and missing my chocolate mousse already :-)

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

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