Friday, May 2, 2008

Behind-the-Scenes at Monday's Photoshoot

Here are some videos from the day:

I finally figured out how to work the video loader thing... yes, I am technology-challenged!!

The first video is in the kitchen. We were shooting me unloading groceries... but dancing with broccoli is much more fun.

The second video is my makeup artist extraordinaire (and best friend), Franca, and me. We were marveling at the wonder of double-sided tape!

Here are some pics from the day:

Franca (left) my makeup artist and Gabby (right) my WONDERFUL book designer.

The crew (L - R): Vinita (my assistant), Franca, Paul Buceta (the photographer), and Robert (my hubby/photographer).

Setting the scene with my daughter, Rachel. Here Franca is giving her a mini hair cut.

Paul taking some great shots of breakfast.

Who knew pineapple could be such fun!


ninni said...

TFS! Still waiting for your books to arrive from Amazon..reading Oxygen and surfing your websites meanwhile..

lisa-marie said...

That Hollywood Tape is the best! I use it nearly every day to make sure I don't share too much of myself at work!

By the way, I got your cookbook a week ago, and tried the Quinoa salad with the sundried tomatoes and the Wehani rice salad (but I had to substitute brown rice because I couldn't find the other kind, but it tasted good anyway!), and they were both really delicious! I'm looking forward to trying more recipes!

Anonymous said...

Love the shots and video's.

Your eatclean and workout books are my new guidelines to eating and now I'm an arbonne consultant for the best skin care. Now I'm cooking.

Anonymous said...

Love your feature in Oxygen magazine and your blog. Eating clean is what my husband & I live by - plus he has Celiac's Disease so we kind of have to eat clean.

Question - any suggestions for an egg-free Mother's Day brunch ? (My husband can't eat eggs due to his Celiac's disease).

Thanks !!!!

joates said...

You are too funny you should be on dancing withthe stars you and your Pineapple broccoli crazy