Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Well, this post is a few days overdue, but last week was a little crazy... hence the one post for the week. So now I'm finally getting around to posting about the WSIB seminar I did last Wednesday. That's me to the left with my trusty Powerpoint presentation, showing off a bowl of chips... yuck (Photo Credit: Bonnie Schulman). What a great experience! The WSIB is the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board up here in Canada. They host a Health and Wellness week and asked me to be a guest speaker this year. Little did they know this would be their most popular one. Take a look at the photo (Credit: Bonnie Schulman) below of the list (p.s. you can click on the image to enlarge it). My seminar sign-up is the middle column. Not only was the list full, people started signing their names off the list. It was great! We had a full house of very attentive listeners with great questions. I also met a big fan, Ginette, and her husband, Ron, at the event. They were the cute couple sitting in the front holding hands. How refreshing! Afterwards, my assistants and I went to lunch at this delicious little place in Toronto called The Sultan's Tent. We shared a couple of excellent Moroccan dishes, including some tasty hummus concoctions. Thanks again to the wonderful team at WSIB. I hope this is something I can do again soon. I just love sharing the message with so many attentive listeners.

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Bonnie Shulman said...

Tosca, it was a delight having you speak to us here at the WSIB and I'm glad you enjoyed the experience.

(PS: I'm also glad you liked the photos I took!)