Monday, March 30, 2009

New York Photo Book

Hi Bloggers,

Back from NYC and into the thick of it! I had a crazy busy day from the office to the set of a photo shoot with Melanie Evans (our Eat-Clean Diet Body Makeover Challenge winner), then to dinner with Melanie, and then off to an event at Premier Fitness for my husband's friend. I thought you might enjoy some moments from my time in NYC with my kids and hubby. These were taken when I had a few moments of downtime from the constant onslaught of meetings. Phewf!!

Here are me and Nicole Kidman (according to US Weekly she's one of my Eat Clean followers!) on 5th Avenue. I love her!!

This is us in New York on the first night eating Korean BBQ. It was delish.

Here we are in the lobby of the Hotel Giraffe. I love the intimacy of this hotel and it is very central.

Here we are having tea at the Plaza Hotel. This is a classic thing to do with the family (especially with my British husband) and one of my all time favorite traditions. The girls love it too.

Here we are in a bicycle cab - the green way to go in NYC. Kelsey and Chelsea were following us in their bicycle cab. These guys get awfully close to the cars as they pedal around town!

In the cab after a bit of a shop... can't leave NYC without a little bit of retail therapy!


Anonymous said...

Wow, did you have a good time! TFS!

(What's with the necklace, you're always wearing that..just curios ;)

Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Hi Tosca!
Eating Korean BBQ in New York?!... sounds great but nothing beats the real deal here in Korea. I'm glad to see you enjoying yourself though. Did you like the kimchi? Don't worry... most Westerners don't and I didn't either when I first tried it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tosca,
You are just glowing in all the pictures, always nice to see your pics, thank you for sharing them with us-just beautiful!

VeggieGirl said...

NYC!! My #1 favorite city!! So glad that you had a whirlwind of a time there!!

Trish said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time!

Anonymous said...

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