Friday, March 13, 2009

Special Video Message From Me

Hi Clean Eaters,

My team and I put this video together to thank you for your support! I will be away on vacation with my family until March the 25th. I will catch up with all my emails, blogposts, and the forum when I get back.

Enjoy the video, and let me know what you think!


Jenn said...

Tosca we all should be thanking you for providing us with the information on how to Eat Clean. I am 20 year-old and am motivated by your story to be healthy.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your well deserved vacation with the family. I will also be on vacation from March 25 until April 1st!

MPeters said...

Tosca, have a fabulous vacation and THANK YOU for bringing Clean Eating to the masses! Congrats on 1 million copies sold - what an accomplishment!!!

Anonymous said...

To all negative bloggers~

Never act your age, act how you feel. You will never get your youth back so we need to celebrate it. That's why we eat clean and train hard. To stay healthy and vibrant for as long as we can... For ourselves first, and everyone else in your life second. It's it! Really, Tosca's not a nun and she looks awesome whether it's in that dress, bikini or burlap sack!! Do you really care about what Tosca is wearing? or what your being taught by her? I would hope the latter. People do the same thing with entertainers, they are supposed to entertain you...but people loose site of that and start judging and listen to nonsense at the newstand. It's not up to us to judge.
Just do the work and you'll look awesome too!


Anonymous said...

Bravo Tosca! Make that a million and one! I just bought another of your books for my mom! Enjoy your vacation. You deserve it!

When you return, could you answer a few questions, please?

1. Knowing that you are not endorsed by any brand, which brand of chlorophyll do you take and is it a pill, powder or drops? Also, how to you prepare your wheatgrass and where do you get it?

2. How long did it take you to do one chin? And how did you do it? Assisted chin-machine or just pulling up for dear life?

3. Finally, in your workout book, you list your varying levels of lifting: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Assuming those are the actual dates you progressed to the next level, did you take a few years at the beginner level before progressing to the muscle-isolation stage?

I have read every blog of yours since the beginning and will continue to do so. It took me awhile to catch up but now that you are on vacation, I might stay caught up. You are a powerhouse!

Thanks for all you do for us!

Anonymous said...

I gave my Eat Clean Diet book away to a now I've just ordered a new one!

Anonymous said...

hi toscalook
Enjoy your vacation,you deserve it,and just a comment on those negative comments the other day,i can't believe the rudeness and jealously from these people,all ican say is you work hard to look the way you do and you should be able to wear what you want,when you want and i don't think you need to explain anything to anybody,you look awesome,your such a insperation.
I just had a couple questions for you when you get back,Do you think you'll compete again and how would i find out about competing in canada in the maritimes,what would be the names of these competions so i could search for them?What times of the year is competion time?And i was wondering about the contest your husband had going on at oxygen ,the ab contest?was a winner chosen?Thanks so much i love your blog and all your pictures no matter what your wearing.

Mickie said...

How do I get one of those green Eat Clean Diet bags????

Anonymous said...


Just a little triva ;)for all... I looked it up cuz I use that word all the time but never new how to spell appears that you can spell it 3 different says!
Just learned something new!!! Who new :)

Anonymous said...

Question~ The music in your video~ where's if from and from who...?
Luv the tune, great for pumping iron.

Anonymous said...

Just read all the leopard dress comments. You are B-E-A-UTIFUL and have an amazing body. I hope I can still dress that sexy when I am your age (I am only 23 now tho).... You ROCK! :)

Ann said...

Hi Tosca - hope you have a great vacation. You certainly deserve it after all the busy-ness of the last few months!

Anonymous said...

Tosca, i hope you were able to enjoy your vaca before reading the negative comments. I have a Q. Should i out work out a few days if i worked out to hard to the point were my legs and butt have been sore for 4 days. I ha d just switched my routine and was lifting very heavy. i did the step machine the next day,and then jogged and walked on a steep incline the next two days. What is better. light work out after or no workout on the sore muscles?

Anonymous said...

Tosca do you think it is adiquate to just eat smaller portions of cooler 2 instead of doing cooler1 for a couple weeks, if i want to see more results. Is the distilled water and all to show less water weight ect. my goal is not to have the temporary effect but long term . Or does cooler 1 make you drop real fat at intermittent times, or will just reducing intake fix that also.

Anonymous said...

Tosca this is off the clean eating a little. I have seen significant changes in my skin clarity and texture by eating clean. I know sugar is a big culprit and I never touch the stuff. I know you stated that you have never had a face lift. These days there is no need, with all of the other treatments available. Because woman trust you and feel comfortable asking you questions about how they too can feel better about themselves can i be so bold to ask you what your routine is in regards to any treatments you have done on your face and what products you use at home. Thank you Tosca

Anonymous said...

Sorry but the video clip with the guy is just plain rude. He is viewing you as a sex object and basically wants to have sex with you. Instead of laughing it off, you should have put the idiot in his place. I am sure it was uncomfortable but you've come a long way and don't have to put up that kind of crap from a loser like him. Bob should have decked him. I just believe he was disrespectful and rude. I think you should remove it. That pig doesn't deserve to have his face anywhere near you.

Anonymous said...

Tosca on the same lines as the previous blogger. I was never more than 15#s over weight and I have had 3 kids and am in my mid 40s. May i ask if you ever had any skin tightening procedures or such around the abs. I am so discouraged. i eat clean , work out like you (a little lighter wts) and have been doing so longer than you have and still I have extra skin around my middle. Woman trust you and know you will be up front with them so please let us know if it is possible to accomplish what you have without skin tightening and such. I will keep working hard but I need to know if I need to get some assistance with the skin thing. Thank you so much for helping so many woman. I also wanted to tell you that I was DEEPLY touched by your last oxygen article. It hit home with me on a very personal level God Bless you for all you have been through and all you have learned from it.. I totally understood what you were saying as I have had a similar path and have blossomed from it as well. My wish is that all woman would have the strength to rise above, learn from and be better the rest of their lives from any tragic experience.

Anonymous said...

Tosca, your arms rock my face off!!! Looks like I'll be training upper-body today!

Anonymous said...

Tosca could you give us a picture of your daily cooler. I'd like to have an idea of what I should be using, tips such as containers, etc. ice pack...thx!

Anonymous said...

Loved your video's. I love your husband's accent too. Have a wonderful vacation.


Sarah said...


You are an AMAZING inspiration. I am 24 and have started my eating clean journey. I love your books and your way of helping others. WEAR THAT DRESS TO GET THE MAIL, GROCERY SHOP, EVERYWHERE! You look so great, and from all your hardwork, you deserve to show it off! D and G made it for you.

Just wanted to say thanks and give my support in return for all of yours.

Also, when you get back from vacation, would you post about curbing sugar addiction? Im having some trouble with my cravings.

xoxo sarah

Anonymous said...

What do you eat 2-3 days prior to a competition and what do you eat the day of the competiton?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tosca,

How many protein shakes a day can I have? I add fruit to mine and water. Thanks,


Anonymous said...

What would be a few good meals to have prior to a weight training? Carb & Protein no fats? Apple? and how many hours before, or is that individual preference?
Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

When is your show going to air?

Anonymous said...

Great job at The Arnold! You looked fab! I have a question for you. I am a 30 y/o mom of 3. I have a lot of excess belly fat on my 5'4" 155 lb. frame from my wonderful kids. I exercise 6 days/week, alternating 3 days of cardio and 3 days of strength. No matter how well I eat, it doesn't seem to budge. I am VERY frustrated and I am looking for answers. I use your recipes and follow the lifestyle the best I can, with a slip-up every now and then, but still the scale does not budge, and the clothes are not fitting any better. I would appreciate any advice you can give. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tosca ! I know you do not endorse any protein supplement, but I'm so confused when trying to buy one. Is it possible for you to tell us wich one you use ? Also, do you have a trick to avoid snacking at night ? I will eat super clean all day long but then, when I watch tv at night, I just want to eat sugary desserts. Thank you for your time and keep up the amazing work !

Anonymous said...

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