Thursday, June 18, 2009

Eating Clean Around the World

I've been getting TONS of emails lately regarding Eating Clean around the globe.

Since I live in Canada, I am most familiar with North American products. Even some of the Canadian products I recommend (Olivina) isn't available in the US.

I'm putting a call out to my international cohorts to share their tips for their favorite Eating Clean foods specific to your area.

Can't wait to read your answers!!



Cecilia, Saskatchewan said...

Hi Tosca,
Speaking of which, are your books translated into any other language than English? I really want my mother to read your book, but she is Swedish, and although she does speak decent English, I'm worried she would miss a lot of the information because she doesn't understand everything. It would be so awesome if the book was released in a Swedish translation, I would buy it for her in a heartbeat! I really think she needs you!

Anonymous said...

And into French also!

Anonymous said...

This is not a particular type of food, but I have a Clean Eating/Diet tip: use spoon size shredded wheat as crackers. Most brands of that type of cereal are clean and they are great with natural peanut butter or hummus. You can stretch a tablespoon of dip with a handful of cereal and feel like you have eaten a huge snack!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering- a proper portion of dairy isn't mentioned in your books- what does a proper portion of dairy look like? Should it be the same as a protein portion? Thanks.

adleight said...

I am a Clean-Eater originally from the US, but moved over to Australia about a year ago- it is fairly easy to eat clean here, especially if you like kangaroo- while a bit gamey, it is lower in fat than a chicken breast, with all of the iron, protein, etc. They also are 'getting' the wonderful benefits of quinoa, and even the peanut butter off the shelf is less processed than Jif and Skippy. Thank you for all of your posts, from all of the places you are at!