Sunday, June 21, 2009

What Did You Think?

How was Tosca: Flexing at 49??

I'd love to hear your reviews!!


The Veg Next Door said...

Tosca, was that a pop you were drinking when you were having lunch with your daughter? :-)

I admire your hard work towards taking care of your health and fitness. But your love for your family is beautiful.

I wish the shows were longer. Looking forward to next week.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tosca,

I just caught the third episode (missed one and two) but was truly inspired. I have now signed up with a trainer again and I am taking it to the next level.

Glad I am not the only one that has trouble choking down those horrible egg whites. I also had no idea that you couldn't leave the house when you carb deplete.

Best to you.

46 and still going strong.


designs by bonzie said...

Hi Tosca,
My partner and I have been following your lifestyle over here in Ireland. We bought some of your books and the results are astounding. We are really enjoying the transformation and so grateful that lifes journey led us to your advice and online resources.
I would dearly love to see your episodes mentioned above, do you know if there is anyway we could get to see them from Ireland Tosca?

Thanks for being you.
Yvonne & Tony

Anonymous said...

I wish the episodes were longer!! Thank you for letting us into your life Tosca, I'm glued to the set every Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm gonna be the meanie and say that your outburst at the end of the episode at Robert and Chelsea seemed harsh. I know I know, we all have those moments with our families and you were carb depleting so your kids did warn you (and us) in the earlier episodes but wow, that was pretty awkward to watch. And yes, we only saw a small glimpse of that conversation so it was biased but I guess it was the look on Chelsea's face that made me really feel bad for her. And I know being a step parent goes with its own set of challenges. Too bad it was caught on tape though! But it is called reality tv for a reason.
I laughed out loud when you were on ichat to your daughter in the states and you wanted her to tell the people in the background to shut up!
I also thought it was too funny during breakfast with Robert how he was able to have fruit and you couldn't. You have a great sense of humour.
I love Robert. My perception of him has changed since seeing your show. What a pro. I think you both make a great team and I hope to find a life partner who is as supportive and encouraging as well as brutally honest and still do so in a way that doesn't come across as controlling or self serving. He really does want you to succeed and in turn, you listen to his wealth of wisdom. That is all captured on your show so way to go!
Still watching and enjoying! (minus the intro music...sorry).

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Jennifer- The scene with Chelsea in the kitchen broke my heart a bit. On her side, it was as if your 3 girls came first/were more of a priority in your life...I can see how the relationship would struggle if this is how she is made to feel more often than not...

Leanne said...

Hi Tosca,

Thank you for letting your loyal fans see what life is like when preparing for a show. You are an amazing woman and after episode #3 I really realized just how many hats you wear. Your next book should be a "how to" regarding time management! :-) You Rock It Girl!

On your TV Show, I really liked seeing things like your portion sizes, how you cook (ie the chicken in the skillet), how you teach/talk to your clients, what your weight training looks like, your passion for health and your love for your family. I think those parts are what I enjoy the most.

Thanks for doing the TV Show !!!

Leanne from Calgary.
ps the Calgary Stampede is just around the corner !!!! Ya Hoooo !

Anonymous said...

Hi Tosca,
As a stepmother myself I can understand the complex relationship between stepchild/parent. I had a wonderful relationship with my stepson for years (he was 8 when I came into his life), but now as a 17-year old, our relationship has become very strained with all the antics of a rebellious teenager going on. Especially when in my case, his mother is still around with totally different rules/values than what we have in our household. I hope you and Chelsea will keep working on your relationship, and me and my stepson can hopefully do the same!

Anonymous said...

How to you train so hard the days you are carb depleting? Carbs give you the if you can't have them where does the energy come from? Wouldn't ones electrolytes drop as well?

Tammy said...

Tosca: I love your show! I look forward every week to your show - I "PVR" it and I don't erase it even after I've watched it! You are such an inspiration to me! I want to accomplish what you have. I also inspire to be a writer and am in the process of doing my life story. I have had a dream for a long time now to be a fitness & figure competitor as well! I hope that we can meet someday. Thanks for your inspiration! Keep up the great work and I really hope that your show continues. :-D
Tammy McDermott