Friday, June 19, 2009

Kelsey's Prom!!!

I drove to Belleville yesterday to help my little ballerina get ready for prom. We're in Prince Edward County at Waring House dodging rain clouds!!! Hopefully they stay away in time for pictures.

Kelsey-Lynn & her friend Sam are on the prom committee and boy are they the creative masterminds!! I think these girls have a career in party planning ahead of them. The girls are running around in the hotel getting all the last minute details organized before they get ready for prom. Of course, Sam's mom and my friend, Ann, and I have been dispatched to do errands, too!

The limo comes at 5pm this evening so I hope we are all ready in time! I will take lots of pictures to show you. It's such a fun day. I am loving the mother/daughter time. I certainly don't take this for granted.


Anonymous said...

Sounds so fun, you are a great mom!

DK Miles said...

Is your daughter in high school? If so, is she in a boarding school or something? Why?

Anonymous said...

OMG Tosca...I look at her and then I look at you and I see one face. She looks so much like you. Stunning!!

I hope you all have a great evening!!



Audrey Gotto said...

This is a great photo. You make beautiful babies!


Tanya said...

Hey Tosca!

I live in Belleville! I am proud to have you & your family as part of our community! I hope your daughter had a blast at her prom!

Kelsey-Lynn certainly inherited your beauty!

All the best,

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