Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

It's Black Friday!!

I've been hearing on the news all morning about Canadians rushing to the border in order to participate in this crazy day!

Are you taking part?

If you are be sure to bring a selection of clean snacks with you for the day. Trail mix, apples, clean protein bars, bananas, smoothies, etc. are all excellent portable options that won't take up too much time to eat when you are searching for the best deals.

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simpledaisy said...

I did not go out for Black Fiday! Too much stress for me:)

lesley lifting life said...

I certainly love to shop but Black Friday is just a little too crazy for me ;)

fittermom123 said...

I agree - I've found that when I go out to these sales, I just buy a bunch of stuff I don't need! This is how life itself becomes cluttered. Enjoy your sanity today, some constructive exercise, and no regrets tomorrow about that sweater you're _sure_ you can gift someone with at Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Same here, too much stress! Did go out Saturday; same prices but not as many people. My husband wanted to buy new, smaller jeans since mine are falling off (went from a size 22 in July to an 18 now).

Anonymous said...

By the way, as a teacher, it is very difficult to eat six times a day. Does anyone have suggestions for teachers trying maintain The Eat-Clean Diet? I'm not a breakfast eater (get nauseous)but I do eat yogurt at 8:30 if I get a prep then lunch at 12:30 if lucky. At 3:30 or so, I'll have nuts or fruit on the way home; dinner, gym and a snack after. Any help would be great.