Sunday, November 8, 2009

Today Show Monday

Check out NBC's Today Show on Monday morning.

Amy Barnes is a guest on the show and Off the Couch's cover girl! Check out what the Eat-Clean Diet® did for her.



Heidi Mohs said...

saw amy's segment! i was disappointed that they didn't have her take her wrap off to show the awesome lower part of her new body, but she looked amazing and strong and both Matt and Joy gushed about her being so healthy and a body builder! whoo hoo, amy! Tosca you give us so much! thank you~

Anonymous said...

where can you get the magazine at? I have looked every where.

Anonymous said...

i have seen it in grocery stores, barnes and noble and like cvs pharmacy's etc. it's pretty much everywhere! good luck

mikey said...


Vinita said...

If you can't find it on the newstands, you can try ordering it here: