Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bobbi Brown Event

I'm finally home sweet home after another whirlwind week of travel to Florida and NYC.

On Wednesday I had the honor of speaking at an event for Bobbi Brown. 37 editors from international magazines (think Cosmo, Allure, Vogue, etc) were in attendance. I spoke all about the Eat-Clean Diet and how eating in this manner has changed my life! What a thrill. They even had a chef come in to prepare breakfast foods from the cookbook for us to munch on. The food was delicious, of course! And we gave everyone a green Eat-Clean Diet bag to take with them... you can see them piled all over the hotel room floor here.

People seemed truly interested in what I had to say, which I always find encouraging. After each event my husband, myself and my other team members (if they are present) have a little debrief to discuss what to do more of/less of in the future. There is always room for improvement, and I am really trying to work on my public speaking habits. The audience members aren't the only ones gaining knowledge. I am always learning something new after every event at which I speak! Overall, it was a great experience.

My husband and I were in and out of NYC in a flash, but we did stay at a lovely little gem call The Crosby Street Hotel. It's only a few weeks old, but it's very unique with rich colors and a very posh feel. I would definitely like to go back when I am in NYC again. Too bad I couldn't stay for the tree lighting. I love visiting Rockefeller Center when it's all lit up in and the skaters are flooding the rink.

What are your favorite holiday moments?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a blast Tosca!

denise taylor said...

I agree, there is ALWAYS something to learn. The lessons aren't necessarily easy, actually are quite often painful, but even through the exhaustion and disappointment, the growth and blessings flow. Life is the most amazing gift!

Liz said...

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