Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Iron Goddess!!

Competing in a sprint-distance triathlon is my lastest & greatest goal. I'm preparing for the big event... the Iron Goddess Triathlon in Michigan. Here's my training plan so far:

Cycling: I have my road bike on blocks and a trainer so I can ride indoors until the weather gets better. I try to ride at least twice and sometimes three times per week for now going a minimum of 12 miles. But I am throwing in some harder training to build my strength.

Running: as much as possible wherever possible – indoors and out!

Bricks: I do bricks most of the time. This means I am cycling 12 miles and then jumping right into my running shoes for 4, 5 or 6 miles. I try to do at least one long run each week. That means I am running more than 6 miles and obviously will build up my endurance so I can run longer as time goes on.

Swimming: I swim in my own little indoor pool which is lousy for lengths but I swim the perimeter for now so I can build up my lungs. As soon as the snow and ice melt I plan to get into a wetsuit and swim in local water holes so I get used to the dark, muddy conditions. They freak me out so I have to push past that. I am a bit claustrophobic.

I have a long way to go but I try to work on breaking through barriers at least once a week.



CZ said...

I love to hear that you face many of the same challenges as a normal person (fear of water holes, can't do outdoor activities at this time of year because of snow/ice). What I love even more is that you are demonstrating ways to get around this.

Despite having your own indoor pool ;), you are just like the rest of us :)

DrJuliaDC said...

I love to hear you are normal too! Love your articles and blogs, and am proud to say that I am a full-blown clean eater now! The more I follow, the more I like.

I love that you are training for a triathalon...just make sure you stop in and see your chiropractor once in a while!! :)

Lauren said...

Swimming is by far the hardest part for me too...Its a little frightening being out on open water with tons of people all around and little clarity in the water....just keep breathing (duh! i know, but when you start getting scared, its the first thing to go) and swimming forward...put your head in the water and keep moving!!!! always gets me through! :)

MAJL said...

Awesome work! If you are ever in London Ontario on a Monday, come do my spin class!

Jocelyn said...
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Jocelyn said...

CONGRATS ON YOUR ENDEAVOR! I'm completing two Half Ironman races this year, June (Lawrence, Kansas) and October (Miami). Sundays are swim/run days. Wednesday night we run. Weather permitting we ride/run on Saturdays but lately just riding would be great. With a background in amateur bodybuilding I still weight train on off days of tri-training and do my best to take off two days a week to avoid overtraining. I keep my diet close to the bodybuilding diet because I last through my workouts and feel great. All that clean eating!

Thanks for your books. I was reading The Eat-Clean Diet again just last night and have recommended it to friends and family.

God bless you!

Deirdre said...

So excited to watch you venture into my terrain!! I am a 20 year triathlete who just competed in my first figure show last fall. I'm preparing for a spring show now and plan to race a few tris this summer.

I can't tell you how many people I've referred your books to along with Oxygen! Keep being such a great inspiration, Tosca!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, curious what does 'up on blocks' mean for your bike? I'd love to start cross training but actually getting out on a trail is difficult.


Leah said...

I think it's fantastic that you are continuing to push yourself like this! I am in the early stages of a weight loss and health journey and I've accomplished some goals so far but am learning quickly that you need to keep picking new, more challenging goals to keep yourself going. You are an inspiration!

Traweaver said...

Oh that isn't too far from me! I might just have to come out and join you! Sounds like fun! You are smart to start preparing now! Go Girl!! :D


I want to do a sprint triathlon as well this year, but I dont know how to swim. So that is my first obstacle to overcome, then have to get a Good luck with your training!

Anonymous said...

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