Monday, November 1, 2010

Houston Here I Come! Plus more Dallas!

Join me Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 for a series of events in Houston, TX. Here's where I'll be:

1. Watch me at 8:30am CDT on Good Morning Texas.

2. Hear me at 9:30am CDT on Corpus Christi's KCTA-AM Morning News

3. Join me from 4-6pm CDT at Gold's Gym Preston Center (8335 Westchester Drive) for a nutrition seminar and book signing.

For more information please see my events schedule.

Here is a link to my appearance this morning on Day Break USA moments from today's events:

Your Sister in Iron,
Tosca Reno


Stefani Linn said...

So great to meet you today. I know from reading your books, columns and blog the last three years how hard you work. Hope you know how much it is appreciated and how much it matters:-)

Pamela Varnado said...

I just ordered your clean diet book today and am excited about clean living. I can't wait to see the new me!!

Jingles said...

Oneday Austin will be on your itinerary so I can hug on your neck ;-) Love that you are touring. Tough on you so take care of yourself. There's only one Tosca Reno.
Yes, I love you being a Sister in be it and even more so.

Jaini Thompson said...

Loved meeting you and Robert today and yesterday. Y'all were so kind and encouraging Hoping to be able to eat clean and be not so fat and ugly and out of energy anymore.

Stefani Linn said...

Jaini, I do not know you but just because you might be overweight does not make you ugly! Be nicer to yourself. That will include honoring your body and health. You will feel better and feel more confident about your appearance too:-)No one is perfect! We are all works in progress.

Anonymous said...

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