Friday, June 20, 2008

Another Frequently Asked Question...


I get this question a lot: What protein bars and protein powder do you recommend and use?

Time to clear it up:


On the odd occasion I will eat a protein bar. This is usually when I am out of the house and have not realized I won't be back in time for a meal. Hunger strikes and a protein bar is at the rescue. I have done some serious searching and have found a few that I enjoy. These include LaraBars, Clif Bars, Jay Robb bars, and Luna Bars. By the way, I am not endorsed by any of these companies, I have just done my research. I would really encourage you to do the same. Look at the ingredients. Choose an option that is free of sugars, artificial sugars, chemicals, things you can't pronounce, etc. etc. You want it to be as clean and as close to nature as possible.


Protein powders are an excellent source of protein, as long as you select a clean version. I am always on the look out for clean products. One I am using right now is called Living Harvest hemp protein powder. Hemp is one of the only plant sources that boasts complete protein. If you are lactose intolerant or a practicing vegan I would encourage you to avoid whey protein and stick to hemp or soy versions of protein powder. As with protein bars, look for products made from all-natural ingredients, no sugars or artificial sugars, no chemicals etc.

** FYI sugars can come in disguise under the names of HFCS, corn syrup, rice syrup, glucose, fructose, etc. Keep an eye out for these sneak guys!


Janine from Maine said...

Tosca--Thank you for wanting to clear the protein bar questions up. I just want to be sure that I'm eating the Clif bars that you are speaking of. In the beginning of this quest, I was eating the Clif Builder bars with 20 grams of protein. But then I read your book and found out that palm kernel oil is bad and because of the chocolate coating, that was one of the first ingredients listed. So, I switched to the Clif energy bars, which only have 11 grams of protein, but a much cleaner list of ingredients, from what I can see. So, are those the bars you someetimes eat? Thanks for your help!


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be to concerned about how many grams of protein the bars have. Depending on you size and what is in your stomach you might not absorb all of the protein you eat anyway. I agree that Hemp protein is great. I use Marijuana Muscle and love it because it is very easy on my stomach.

Tosca's Info said...

Hi Janine,
Clif energy bars are a great option. You are right... there are some bars covered in chocolate. You can pretty much assume these are not clean.