Monday, June 9, 2008

Power Washing How To

Hello Everyone,

I hope this story is taken as both funny, dumb, and as a lesson:

So I decided to take it upon myself to power wash my pool cabana. It had been sitting under trees for 3 years and had gone from beige to green. My husband and I trekked out to Home Depot and picked up a cute little power washer. It also happened to be a powerful one. About 2 hours into my cleaning event the wind came up and took my cabana with it. In my haste to get the cabana under control I dropped the power washer without turning it off. The jet sprayed up at me and created a deep gash in my elbow and a couple of burns trailing down my forearm. It hurts! I guess I'm just lucky it didn't blast into my eye... otherwise you would be taking advice from the One-Eyed Eat-Clean Lady! The moral of this story is... please turn off the power washer before doing any sort of quick movements. You can replace whatever blows away. You can't replace your body parts!

Here's to being perpetually smart with food and perpetually dumb with heavy machinery!


Anonymous said...

That's funny, because my husband bought one of those power washers over the weekend too. He was telling me about it can really hurt a human's skin. Sorry to hear you got hurt with one. I hope it gets better real soon.

Anonymous said...

That's too funny! Your story sounds like something that would happen to me. lol.


Anonymous said...

Now there's a real safety issue! Power washers should have something built into the trigger mechanism, to prevent these kinds of accidents. Hope you are well soon Tosca.

Nancy r said...

Don't use it on a walk way in your barefeet.. I almost lost a toe! Seriously, it fractured my toe, hurt for 3 months.