Saturday, September 13, 2008

Breakfast Television Video Link

If you'd like to check out a clip from my appearance on Breakfast Television today click here and select Cooking for Kids:



julie134 said...

livingn the other side of the world it was great to have a voice to put to the face (and bod!)
I thought it was great - and that DRESS! WOW
It was great to see how down to earth and natural you are
Great job
keep up the good work and the bloggin - i look forward to it to keep me on track The time differene doesnt matter as I seem to have got this message early (its 430pm here) What r u don posting after midnight! Busy days but get some rest too!

Anonymous said...

Look at you! Gosh, you look good..!

Must be hard to prep and cook..and smile..and living a hectic life.

- stay strong!

Trish said...

I loved it! I love sweet potato fries and we have tried those chicken nuggest. I made several batches and we had some for dinner the night I madethem and I put the remainder of them in the freezer for quick lunch heat ups. My kids LOVE them!

I will have to try the salmon burgers, they looked really good, and before it gets too cold here in Maine to grill outside! LOL

I have the new addition of the eat-clean diet book(I have the original, just bought it but did not know there was an expanded edition :() and your cookbook on my want list. I will eventually get them, it will just take time.

Thank you so much for all of this, it is changeing my family in the way we eat and view food and health.

Nancyr said...

Great segment Tosca, love the dress... funny since I am in better shape I no longer fear colour! Bought a red blouse the other day wooo hoo :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting - absolutely love it!


Catherine said...

I am so glad you posted the link because I only caught the last minute of your segment on BT. You are so gracious and elegant. The tuna burger you made on the set looks delectable. I must make it soon.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more of your public appearances in T.O. Best wishes for the upcoming competition. You look great.


lisa said...

Beautiful job!

Jen in Missouri said...

MMM! I will definitely purchase this book and start making these foods for my 6 kids. Yes, I agree that you look outstanding in red and the dress works well for your body type, really accenting your waist. I also love hearing your voice so I can now start hearing you telling me, "Don't eat that! Eat this!" :) Way to go!

Lisa said...

Thank you for posting this on your blog since we don't have the station in the Seattle area (of course). LOVE the chicken bites! My kids and hubby loved them too. Can't wait to see the results from your competition!

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