Monday, September 22, 2008

Good Morning and Good Feeling

Hello Ladies.

Can I start by saying how much I appreciate each of you? When I was on stage I kept reminding myself that I was doing this for you - for the women who want to but think they can't. I feel this responsibility tremendously and encourage you all to dig deep. Take a chance and discover something new about yourselves. For the next round I can help by posting more details about my preparation. So let's plan a date for that. I will start preparations on October 1st.

Why am I starting contest prep one week from now? That is why I am blogging now. Today I Have a photo shoot with the coolest girls from the pages of Oxygen. Ohmmiigggod! I am totally pumped to be with these beauties. When that is finished I toss my suitcases in the car and head for the airport. Robert, my mom and I are off to Holland to visit my girl - Kiersten. The TV crew is in tow for a few days only. I planned to go this week because I will be able to relax my eating a little and then begin again the strict contest prep for Round 2.

That being said, I will leave a few blogs for you and am off now to get ready. (It's 5:30 am by the way!)
Okay gotta go eat some oatmeal with hemp and fix my hair.
Love and kisses to you all!
This is going to be a fabulous day for each and every one of us.
Cheers and keep it tight!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Tosca for early post! I am very proud of you! You did great!! You look fabulous!Have a nice day! kisses to you!!

AnnMarie said...


I am new to eatclean and your blog. I'm 43 and found you this year through the Clean Eating mag. I'm one of those who has always wanted to, but thought she couldn't. You are an incredible inspiration. Great job with the competition! Can't wait to see what's next. Thankyou!

Mom to the Girls said...

Tosca you were amazing! I was there and you killed it!

Hey, seeing as how you have an in with Robert... hehehehe Do you think maybe a suggestion could be made to do a story on the woman that lost all the weight... like 300lbs! That's incredible.

Again Woman You were stunning!

Also, I was wondering about where one would find a listing of the athletes. There was another woman in your category, the woman who won second. She was amazing too! I'd love to look her up and see what she does...

Anyway girl! You are fantastic!
Much LOVE!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tosca,
I am new to the Eat clean diet and your blog as well, in fact just a week ago thu the Oxygen magazine!
I am 49 years old, currently working with a trainer because of a shoulder injury. You have inspired me to go to the next level!

Thank you!!

Dawn Ancaster

Anonymous said...

I have a question about your tanning spray or lotion. What kind is it, where do you find it, and how do you get it so nicley on your hands and feet? It always looks splotchy and funny looking when I do it.

RealDivaUnderneath said...

I always thought I couldn't too, but mid next year I WILL!!! Thanks so much for the blog posts and keeping us updated while you were in the midst of madness! Congratulations on your finish, and enjoy some good food and friends!

Patricia said...

Congrats to your success from Germany. Not only for your success in the competition but also for your attitude, challenging us and everyone.

It's amazing. You're a real spirit.

Thank you.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

I go with Patricia's comment above... and Congrats to your success from Norway!

lisa said...

Congratulations Tosca! Way to shine -- like the star you are. Have a wonderful trip to Holland.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tosca,

I was at the pre-judging show and it was a blast. I made sure to sit right in the front row so I wouldn't miss a thing. You looked great!!!! You were gracious and warm with the crowd and the other contestents. Great Sportsmanship.

Where is the next show on Nov 22???

T said...

Hi Tosca!
I discovered Oxygen Magazine about a month ago which lead me to you and now I can proudly say I am the owner of your complete line of books and am trying to incorporate clean eating into my life. Congrats on your competition over the weekend! I think you are fabulous and a great motivator to so many women! I know you are crazy busy, but I think you should come down to Minnesota and do some events at the Mall of America with a book signing and then offer some seminars on clean eating. I live in the area and would LOVE to meet you! Keep it in mind! :) Keep up the great work! I definitely admire and look up to you!

Stef said...

Can't wait to read about your next comp prep.

Have a great trip!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Tosca!
I’m 49 years old and discovered Oxygen Magazine a few years ago and saw you the first time on BT also a few years back, I also saw you when you where in Vaughan giving a seminar on clean eating, you made me believe that we can be fit at any age. I have your complete line of books and just ordered the expanded edition from your site I'm trying to incorporate clean eating into my life and trying to get my daughter to also get into a healthy lifestyle. I think you are fabulous and a great motivator to many women! Will be looking forward to read about you next competition. Have a great trip to Holland.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being such an inspiration! I am 46, mother of a fabulous 11 year old boy and wanting to be the best me ever! I have been overweight all my life (of course I lost the weight 3 or 4 times like all of us) but now I am committed to changing my life forever. My goal is to have a lean, muscular, healthy body...thanks for doing what you do!

Jessica from the forum! said...


Thank you for always being a pillar of motivation for all of us. The girls on the forum were anxiously awaiting news on your contest ALL DAY LONG on the day of. We are excited to hear that you placed third. You looked amazing. The suit was GORGEOUS. Your optimistic attitude is so motivating for me. I am blessed to have found Oxygen->YOU->All the women on the forum. THANK YOU a million times over.

Mrs Jack said...

I just caught up with your blogs. You did great! Especially with your short prep time AND all that was going on during that time. I can't wait to see how far you go in Nov. Have a great time in Holland.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tosca-I was there too and you have presence lady let me tell you that! I was the one who came up at the end to tell you how real you keep it on stage! It's a skill to be 'working it' and real at the same time while flexing those beautiful muscles!
You are wonderfully motivating Mrs. Clean!

Arlene M

Anonymous said...

Congrats, you look great! I was wondering if in another blog you could address some more prep work, maybe as you get ready for your next contest. I myself am try to compete and am having a hard time finding info on the steps I should be taking. Like when I need to really cuts back on calories or carb deplete etc.


Anonymous said...

Tosca- You are phenominal! My whole bootcamp in Cali (fitCHIX) get to hear all about you during our cooldowns. I love that you are such a competitor, a mom and a fitness inspiration. Hugs, Kendra