Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Five days to contest and hanging in there!

Good Morning All!

This is day 5. I am still here. I can even work my computer and cell phone still. All that on zero carbs. I keep reminding myself that lions and tigers only eat meat and they are fierce and powerful. Me too then!

I am not sure it is worth the trouble to post my eating. Basically carb depletion means eating no fruits, veggies or whole grains. I am down to eating 7 meals per day of tilapia. That is it. Wheat grass shots help keep the nutrients coming and my energy sticks around for a while but not long. Then I begin to feel like the world is spinning. At that point I down a spoonful or two of bee pollen.

The lower energy levels are why I do my cardio super early in the morning. I have already done my run and it will be legs shortly. By the way when I run my iPod is my pal. The music helps me push past just about anything. I love the tune, Hard Sun by Declan O'Rourke and Short Skirt Long Jacket by - well I don't actually know but it makes me run fast. And I love anything Santana. OOOOHHH the groove. Then there's Sexual Healing, uh-huh! And I love Prince. Purple Rain makes me feel fabulous. Melissa Etheridges' version of Janis Joplin's Little Piece of My Heart is unreal - the last 8 minutes of cardio are an all out sprint by now. I could go on ...

I will try to load up some pics today too.

PS. got my suit yesterday. It is unbelievably beautiful! Wow! Can't wait to wear it.

PS. Weighed in today ... I am currently at 140 pounds and 5"8". The good news is that I seem to be hanging on to muscle. I promise pics will come today.

See ya!


Kim M. said...

Hi Tosca,

I hope you know, what an inspiration you are to everyone. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart(someday I'll share my store with you) Hang in there...not to much longer. I'll be rooting for you.

Paula said...

Keep up the fantastic work girl. You will make it and I can hardly wait to see those pics. You have been such an amazing inspiration and your energy sure helps me when I am down. Hugs to help keep you going.

Anonymous said...

Good luck this week with the lack of carbs in your diet! Also, I have the song Short Skirt Long Jacket on my workout cd, it's by the band Cake, lol! Keep going, you really are an inspiration!

Olla said...

Wow. You're insane. Not in a good way. Feeling ill and having no energy is like, the opposite of healthy.

Mom to the Girls said...

Awesome Job Woman! Hang in there and I'll see you Saturday! WOO HOO! YOU ARE GONNA ROCK THE HOUSE!

Nancyr said...

WOOOO HOOO go Tosca, I am thinking of you! HUGE Cheers to ya!

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you're into Metal..but try Metallica's "The Day That Never Come" that's 8 minutes of hard work (in different levels) great spinning-song!

(I just had oatmeal now..makes me feel guilty when I read your blog - but all things in time.)

More HUGS from Norway on it's way..!

gaia61 said...

What an inspiration! Not insane at all in my book! Hang in there - focus on the positive and keep going. Can't wait to see pics.
Thanks so much!

Johnathan said...

Hey Greatjob Tosca, it's been wonderful to read your blog over the past few weeks, thanks for sharing everything especially since you are so busy training for your event. You will do great! You are an awesome professional and I admire that very much.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading Oxygen for many yrs, and I understand that this kind of dietary insanity is de rigeur for physique competitors, however..... it is extremely unhealthy. I don't believe the human body is designed to survive on just protein for even 24 hrs. Especially an almost-50 body, sorry. Your body is trying to tell you something (screaming, actually) with its exhaustion and not feeling well.

I strongly believe in the Clean Eating lifestyle overall, but the kind of extreme disordered eating that the competitive physique subculture engages in is dangerous, IMHO.

Tosca, you are risking your long-term health doing this. I think you've been so blinded by your husband Robert Kennedy's bodybuilding world that you've lost some perspective. Think about what this kind of depletion is doing to your cells overall, and look past the immediate contests and photo shoots to yourself at 70 or 80 - if you make it that long.

Just my 2 cents.