Saturday, April 25, 2009

Around the Globe!

HI All.

I wish I could travel a bit and see who is Eating Clean around the globe. What fun!!

Anyone else who is following from afar? I would love to hear from you. Who knows we could probably work something out!!

Love and hugs around the planet.
I am always listening.


Anonymous said...

Calgary, Alberta loves you Tosca - wish it were more exotic though! lol

Julie134 said...

A visit to Oz would be GREAT! and you could stay at my place - plenty of room when the renovation is done - a brand new kitchen is awaiting its final touches and then there's no stopping me! My clients and students could meet this wonderful woman I keep raving about! and there's NO SNOW where I live - sunny Central Coast of NSW! Beautiful place! beautiful people! are you convicned yet? hey even Jen Hendershott brought PHAT CAMP to Sydney in 08 - maybe a team venture? Thanx for all you do and all you are!

Shelly said...

I am a newbie to your plan and due to the military I live in Germany. The 2 people who stand by and recommend your book live here also. One is my personal trainer as of tomorrow I am excited about this new adventure and WILL SUCCEED. Also I laughed when I read Tosca's info as that is me I am a Frumpy, fat housewife but 1 year from now maybe less that label will not fit well.

Maari said...

Hi and greetings from sunny Finland, where I am trying to spread the clean eating message around. i have all your books in my office for anyone to borrow. And of course, I have my personal copies at home. I buy Oxygen from the newsstand when possible, but since December i have not been able to find it - I guess I need to order.

I just turned 50 and I will be a goodlooking, sexy, fit girl, to whom age is just numbers. Thanks to eating clean, exceersising and having a POSITIVE attitude. Thank you Tosca!

KRISTIN said...

NORWAY! You're welcome anytime :)

Katie said...

I'm reading you from the (at least today!) Sunny Jersey Shore! We love you here!

Anonymous said...

Come and visit the UK and spread the eat clean news! You have many fans over here - check the message boards. Luckily my local Borders stocks Oxygen and your Eat Clean Diet Cookbook but I know many others don't. With so much obseity and junk food over here we need someone as inspirational and passionate as you to spread the clean eating message.
p.s: Make sure you send your new Eat Clean Diet for Men across the Atlantic our way. My boyfriend and I can't wait until it hits shelves near us!!!

Flip said...


We love you on There are at least two forums devoted to your Eating Clean. I am on both teams and will join any others I find :)

I am 55, started watching my calories and working out in Jan. When I discovered Eating Clean, the pounds really started to melt off.

I've lost 25 pounds, but more than that, I am healthier than I have EVER been.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Another Finnish lady here :).

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tosca for writing the Clean Eating Diet, Cookbook and book for families. I'm living in Ireland and even though I haven't seen any of your books or your fabulous Clean Eating magazine here, I'm loving eating clean. I got all my books on Amazon and ended up subscribing to the Clean Eating magazine. I'm feeling so much better and healthier since I started to eat clean. Come visit Ireland!

Anonymous said...

Sunny greetings from Poland :) !

Anonymous said...

i'm a canadian in the UK eating clean!

Anonymous said...

Im from the West Island of Montreal, Qc!!!

Wendy said...

Clean eating in Ottawa here and RESISTING the timbits somebody brought in! Thanks for all you do Tosca!

Monique Thompson said...

I am following your clean eating in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario. I also subscribe to the Clean Eating and Oxygen magazines. To me this is not just the latest diet, it has become my lifestyle. I have my husband following along too and my mother and daughter are learning as well! Thanks for all the good work you do. I am in my late 40s too and you are inspirational.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Blue Rock, Ohio ;)

I can't wait to see you at the 2010 Arnold!!


Erin said...

A Canadian also in Norway! Norway needs you DESPERATELY Tosca!!! All they eat here is hot-dogs and frozen pizza and tons of cakes! I'm doing what i can to spread the word as a nutritionist and personal trainer, but it would be awesome if you came to Norway!!! :)

the6chapmans said...

Hi Tosca!

My name is Crystal Chapman and we are Americans living in Swaziland, a country in Africa. We are here to help children who are left orphaned or vunerable from the HIV/AIDS crisis. I have four active and beautiful boys! I have had two of those babies here in Africa and after this last baby born and my mother died last year (she is from Nova Scotia) I have dedicated my life to exercise and clean eating! I have always loved to workout and eat whole foods but your book has given me the inspiration I needed to make that complete leap for the rest of my life. It is not easy all the way over here! I long for Whole Foods and ready available clean food items. If anyone visits it is the most important thing I ask them to put in their suitcases for me and of course all the oxygen mags and clean eating mag! If I can eat clean and exercise here in Africa anyone can do it. Thank you for your books, blog and faithfulness to bring us your passion to inspire and help us even in Swaziland! You have a fan across the ocean!
By the way South Africa (next door to Swaziland) would be a wonderful venue for introducing clean eating! Just saw an oxygen magazine, April edition and jumped for joy. My sweet husband bought it for me-$10.00! But so worth it!!
Thank you Tosca you are welcome here anytime to this beautiful country!
Crystal Chapman
(check us out at

Anna said...

Hi Tosca,
Russia is there too :)
I have about 5 friend who follow the Eat-clean diet, you rock!