Thursday, April 2, 2009

Q & A Part 2 - EXERCISE


I'm going to be on QVC again TOMORROW (Friday) for 8 minutes between 5 and 6 pm Eastern!!! Check your local listings. I will post the link once I'm done.

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Question: Did you gradually add a few more each workout? I have been trying to do just one after 6 months, and I still can't go all the way up. How did you do it? Assisted chin-machine or just pulling up for dear life?

Answer: When your body weight gets low enough chins come easy. Until then do half chins or assisted chins every day until you are all the way up!

Question: Do you think you'll compete again and how would i find out about competing in canada in the maritimes,what would be the names of these competions so i could search for them? What times of the year is competion time? And i was wondering about the contest your husband had going on at oxygen ,the ab contest? was a winner chosen?Thanks so much i love your blog and all your pictures no matter what your wearing.

Answer: I won’t be competing anytime soon. These last 2 were pretty tough on me. But I can never say never. To find competitions in your area I recommend an internet search. Since I don’t live in the maritimes I am not sure about comps in your area. They run all year round.

Question: I have a Q. Should I out work out a few days if i worked out to hard to the point were my legs and butt have been sore for 4 days. I ha d just switched my routine and was lifting very heavy. i did the step machine the next day,and then jogged and walked on a steep incline the next two days. What is better. light work out after or no workout on the sore muscles?

Answer: Sometimes light exercise after an hard day can be good, or a hard workout focusing on a different group of muscles. It’s best to give 24-48 hours rest between sessions focusing on the same muscle group. Listen to your body.

Question: Who came up with the different rep sets....6-8, 10-12 etc. What are the advantages of each?

Answer: I don’t know who came up with these classifications. I’m sure my husband knows! The advantage of each is to work the muscle in different ways. 6-8 reps with heavy weights challenges the strength of a muscle, while 10-12 challenges the endurance of the muscle.

Question: Can you elaborate on Giant Sets? and how often they can be performed?

Answer: Giant sets are as follows; choose 5 exercises for 1 body part and do them in succession. Repeat as often as you like.

Question: With regards to ab it a myth that you shouldn't exercise them after 6pm or you won't sleep? It this IS true why wouldn't one sleep? thx.

Answer: That’s a myth. Exercise whenever you can and eat clean.

Question: Do you know of anywhere in the Toronto area where fitness competition shoes can be purchased?

Answer: Yes but you won’t like the answer – stripper stores! That is where you buy your princess shoes.

Question: How do you firm up the lower part of your glutes. I do very well with the upper part but have a hard time isolating the part that flows into the hamstrings. Thank you.

Answer: Well, the glute muscles span the glute from top to bottom so isolating the lower part is difficult. I like prone hip raises with weight.

Question: Can you work your calves everyday? I think the answer is yes but I'm not sure. Would you be damaging unrepaired fibers if you did?

Answer: Don’t train calves every day. Train them 2 or 3 times per week. The greatest growth comes from stretching calves too. So lift and stretch.

Question: Tosca would you suggest that if your work out lasts longer than an hour (wts only) that it is too long. I like the idea of feeling energized when leaving the gym. i do, but sometimes i feel exhausted. i do like to listen to my body. i am trying to figure out a good routine for me to get in 3 cardios at least a week but i will not give up wts to do so. i get in the 3 plus cardios but leave feeling wooped at times after pushing myself to extreme. i usually do interval training. I almost think i should concentrate on walking at a incline at intervals at 35%. It really makes me sweat and can get my heart rate without exhausting my legs. I should mention i would consider myself in excellent cardio shape and have been lifting wts for 25 plus years. What do you think?

Answer: Interval training is especially exhausting. Interval training + weights = no wonder you are whooped! Feeling completely beat after a workout isn’t a good sign. Try doing your cardio at a different time of day so you are not exhausting your body in one session. If you are doing a heavy leg session with weights leave your cardio to the next day to allow time for your muscles to recover slightly. Tone it down, girl! Otherwise you might injure yourself.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again Tosca, this is truly great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on QVC - again! Please post the show if you can. I'm at work all day and can't view it in the office. Thanks for updating your blog so often. I check it every day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tosca, Is there any way you could post pictures of your cooler? I'd like to see what it looks like full of food. I'm totally visual. That's why I LOVE your cookbooks with gorgeous pictures for every recipe. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

glad you are not competing, seems to stressful on your body and emotional well being, especially when you have a family. You are such an inspiration without the contest. You are vibrant , healthy and balanced with a great bod!

Anonymous said...

are you going to answer the question about the skin tightening? i'm just curious that's all. i'd like for my stomach to be tight like yours but don't want to kill myself if it's an unreachable goal. thanks!!

Lauren said...

Hello, thank you for answering all of these questions. I love reading the answers. I have a question about supplements. Which ones do you take?

Lauren said...

Hello, thank you for answering all of these questions. I love reading the answers. I have a question about supplements. Which ones do you take?

Laura said...

I have a partial answer to the maritimes competition. i know there is the NSABBA which is having it's annual competition on Sat. April 4 here in Halifax

Anonymous said...

Hi Tosca,
can't wait to see you 8 minutes on QVC-awesome!
I would like to know if you eat low fat yogurt or cottage cheese on a daily basis. I like to have it as a mid morning snack- 1/2 cup of yogurt,1 tbsp of chocolate protein powder and 1 tbsp almond butter (it becomes like a pudding-so yummy).I pretty much follow Cooler 1 except for this snack? I am trying to lose 5 pds(I lost 5 already-yeah me!) Is it a clean snack?

Victoria said...

Hello Tosca,

I have had to recently completely stop working out...May 12/09 to be exact. I was doing great doing the P90X program. I had lost close to 8% body fat and was becoming nice and toned. Reason for discontiuing my work out....severly herniated two discs at the C5C6 and C6C7 levels. No weights over 10lbs(that means I can not pick up my beautiful grandson)no aerobics of any kind and definitely no crunches. I am starting back into working out...still no aerobics(low impact only) or anything over 10lbs weights. Trying to modify...but finding it hard to figure out any abs stuff. Do you have any suggestions for me.


jakop said...

thank you

Vivian said...

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