Monday, September 21, 2009

Join Me Tonight

Welcome to the start of a fresh week Clean Eaters.

I had a very busy, but rewarding weekend. On Saturday night at the WBFF show I was given an award for Health and Fitness Achievement. I was very honored. They did a lovely introduction with video clips of me training etc. It was a very special evening.

My husband and I also got to watch a performance by Liberty Silver and a Cirque du Soleil type balancing duo. It was pretty impressive!! I even managed to wear a comfortable pair of high heels. It was a little uncomfortable, but I do love a pair of heels and I couldn’t resist. On Sunday I had an interview and a photo shoot with the WBFF team. Now, I am packing my suitcase. Off to LA tomorrow for Jack LaLanne’s 95th birthday!


Come join me in Aurora!!

I’ll be at GoodLife in Aurora, Ontario (15900 Bayview Ave.) this evening between 7pm and 9pm giving a seminar.

Visit my Appearances page for more information.

Hope to see you there.


Pam said...

Hey congrats on your award! Jack's party....way to cool! Tell him to Have a happy birthday and MANY more!

Have fun and your look'in good!


Wendy said...

Love, love, love your blog Tosca. Come to Ottawa!!!

frustrated artist said...

Oh too bad...I'll be in Aurora tomorrow night...maybe next book signing.

I love Jack LaLanne...I used to exercise with his show when I was a kid. Wish him a big happy birthday from Toronto!

I also love your book and have been following it religiously for about 6 weeks. It makes sense, is fairly easy, and feels like a natural way to eat. I'm getting my friends hooked on it, one by one!

Anonymous said...

Come to Virginia!! We need you more of you in the states, too!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award Tosca... you're awesome and you totally deserve it!!!

I empathize with your torn calf muscle (did the same playing volleyball back in February = OW!!)... mostly I can't believe you wore heels!! I winced at the thought of how it must have felt after taking them off though. Best wishes for a quick recovery!

Lastly, have a great time at Jack LaLanne's big birthday party!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tosca ... I LOVE your blog, webpage, cookbooks, etc.

Can you recommend a book(s) geared towards training for fitness competitions? We live in a VERY rurual area where personal trainers are far and few betweeen. I know Oxygen magazine has GREAT articles - but would love a book (like a fitness competition bible). Can you help?
Thank you in advance.

Meredith Leigh said...

TOSCA! I just got the new cookbook in the mail! :) I LOVE IT!!! Can't wait for the next books :)

Janelle VanderHaar said...

heels already, wow!

I'm guessing a beach workout isn't in your LA itinerary ;-) I live in Pasadena--any other "unofficial" appearances around LA while you're in town or is this a quick trip?