Thursday, February 18, 2010

Arnold Update

With the 2010 Arnold Sports Festival & Expo only a few weeks away I have lots on the go.

I'm trying to plan out my outfits, since I have no intention of rocking my booty shorts and sports bra. I don't know why I struggle with outfit selection, but I do. Any ideas out there?

I've been training super hard in the gym for my triathlon, but also keeping my weights up in order to be in tip top shape for the Arnold. I've been watching my bread intake, too. The Arnold is all about looking your best. I'll be restricting down to Cooler 1 starting next week.

What else: More appearance things... I've taken care of my hair, nails, feet & even had my pearly whites polished just this morning. And I'm working on some ideas for the exercise demonstrations I'll be doing on the booth. Is there anything in particular you want to see?

My team is working extra hard on booth design, giveaways, T-shirts, and more to make it as welcoming as possible.

Emails are pouring in from readers who are preparing for the event themselves. I am really excited to read about all the different success stories making their way to the Arnold to share their story with me. What a thrill the Eat-Clean Diet has changed so many lives!

Question #1 from my readers: Where is the booth? Answer: Join us at Booths 1233-1235 & 1332-1334.

I'm also organizing lots of press for the event... TV, newspapers, etc.

My eye is always on the long term goal, though. My triathlon is only a few months away and I want to be able to get my training in while I'm in Columbus, Ohio for the Arnold. This requires lots of planning ahead. Good thing that is one of my specialties! I will do my best to get a great workout in at least once during the INCREDIBLY busy Arnold weekend.

Please come and join us. It's a really wonderful and educational time and I can't wait to meet ALL of you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tosca! Wish I could come see you at the Arnold, but Germany is a bit far to travel ;)
I just wanted to ask you how you find gyms to work out at when on the road? I know many give free trial passes, but not all do. I travel a lot as an Army wife and am always trying to keep up with fitness when I am on the move or on vacation....thanks!!

Stevi N. Honaker said...

Very excited for your trip to Columbus. If you need help with finding trails and/or a group to get your workout in let me know. I live in the area and can point out some great locations.

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Wish I could be there and meet you, I have had your book for 2 years now and love it!


Summergirl said...

I'm coming to see you! This will be my first year attending and I'm VERY excited.

Amanda said...

Definitely sleevless-show off those guns!!!!!