Monday, February 22, 2010

Florida Here I Come

Okay folks. I am prepping for a WHIRLWIND trip to Amelia Island, Florida starting tomorrow for Harlequin's Sales Conference. I don't even know if I'll see the sun during this trip, but I sure hope I do. I'm speaking and running a training session. It will be nice to leave the snow behind even if I won't get to lay in the sun. Is anyone else ready for spring time? I am!

I spent the weekend watching the Olympics, cooking some delicious meals, and training for my triathlon.

Have you been watching the Olympics and cheering for your teams?

My family and I have been glued to the television and wishing we could be there. I'm sure part of it is because the games are on Canadian soil. My daughter, Kiersten, has been having the time of her life volunteering in Whistler. She had her last shift today stationed at the ski jump. I'm one of those crazy fans who can't even watch the TV during intense races. It's pretty hilarious. I get so excited.

Okay... off to bed now. I need some rest before the next 2 days fly by.

Much Love,

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Anonymous said...

I have been LOVING the Olympics!! It probably helps that I actually live in Vancouver so the fever is contagious!

I would love to hear about how these athletes mentally prepare to do what they do. The drive and stamina to be an Olympian is inspiring!! Makes me want to live my life like an Olympian:)!

Have a great trip Tosca!