Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Miami Miami

Here are some photo ops from my lovely weekend "off" in Miami! As one reader commented "Good dietary habits (and those who espouse them) are never on vacation!" How right you are.

We ate well, played lots, and even learned a little, too. What a nice time in the sunshine. Enjoy!

Bob and I like to have fun! Here we are messing around like we're young or something!

Pretty palm trees near the Shops at Bal Harbour.

Me with a Bottero sculpture. We like to visit art galleries when we travel since it's my husband's other passion. I'm sure you can guess his other passion is bodybuilding. This sculpture is a good combination of the two.

It's so nice to be reminded what summer is like with T-shirts and pastels and warmth and water. I almost forget after spending so many months bundled against the cold in Ontario.

I did lots of running on the beach, weight lifting at the gym with our friends, and trying my hand at tennis. How cute as the little skorts!


Anonymous said...

Goofing around like you are "young" or something. ROFL You ARE young!! Life is so much fun!
I loved the pics Tosca. I think Robert dresses so cool! You too are a cute couple!
Nice that you got away for a few days.


Liz said...

I LOVE Bob's jacket, he look so sharp and so Miami! Looks like lots of well deserved fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing us your funny side.

Stephanie said...

And dang you look good in a skort! I know you work hard at that and deserve it! Hope mine can look like that at some point!

TheFitnessFreak said...

It's so great to see you guys out enjoying time together! Looks like it was lots of fun : )

TheGymCoach said...

LOVE how active you two are! Great role models,